1. How many AC Plants are located onboard?
  2. What type of refrigerant is utilized in the AC plant?
  3. How many compressors does each AC Plant have?
  4. How many Sea Intakes and their locations?
    • 5
    • Aux 2 - 2
    • Mer 1 - 1
    • Mer 2 - 2
  5. When the seawater cooling pumps are placed in AUTO, the equipment that the pump supplies controls the pump?
  6. What is the flow rate of the F-76 transfer pump?
    380 Liter or 100 gpm
  7. What is the total capacity of the F-76 Storage Tanks?
    363,450 Liters or 96,013 gallons
  8. What tank does the Condensate Drain Pump discharge into?
    Bilge Holding Tank
  9. How many hydraulic pumps are there for each Smartpac?
  10. How many hydraulic oil coolers are there for each Smartpac?
  11. What is the Smartpac main relief valve set point?
    270 Bar or 3,915 PSI
  12. What type of pump is the vacuumarator pump used in the CHT System?
  13. The vacuumarator pump starts at what?
    40 kPa
  14. The vacuumarator low vacuum alarm is set at what?
    25 kPa
  15. What are the colors of the 3 deck status lights indicators and what is their meaning?
    • Red Deck - a fouled deck situations exist, landing and take off are prohibited.
    • Amber Deck - engage or disengage rotors.
    • Green Deck - clear deck situation exists, landing and take offs are permitted.
  16. What is the purpose of he 400 Hz Aircraft Electrical Service System?
    Supplies the required 400 Hz power to the ships helicopters while on deck or in the hanger bay.
  17. What is the purpose of the fire main system?
    • to provide fire fighting water
    • supplies seawater to the AFFF, Vital Dewatering System, Miss System, Equipment cooling, magazine sprinklers, Anchoring syste, Waste Pulper, Mission Modules, and Decon showers.
  18. The firemain system onboard is what type?
    Vertical Offset Loop
  19. The upper loop is along what deck onboard?
    01 level
  20. The lower loop runs along what deck onboard?
    first platform
  21. What is NOT a user of the firemain?
    Back up cooling for the main propulsion diesel engines
  22. What is the capacity of the AFFF tanks?
    175 gallons
  23. What is the purpose of the stern door?
    to provide deployment and retrieval of mission package assets based on mission assignment
  24. What is the purpose of the side door/ramp?
    to load/unload mission package and is the primary access for personnel to enter and leave the ship
  25. What is used to mechanically open and close the side door/ramp?
    Side door/ramp winch utilizing wire rope
  26. How many pumps are associated with the non-vital bilge system?
  27. How many pumps are located in the center mounted hull non-vital bilge system?
  28. Where does the center mounted hull non-vital bilge pumps discharge to?
    Bilge Holding Tank
  29. What is the reduction ratio of the ASL 95 reduction gear?
    2.68 to 1
  30. How many shaft segments are used in one complete gas turbine shaft?
  31. How many shore power receptacles are there onboard?
  32. What bus does shore power come into onboard?
  33. What F-76 F/O transfer pump reducing valve reduces pressure to what?
    90 PSI
  34. Where do fuel transfer separators automatically drain to?
    Bilge Holding Tank in Aux 5
  35. How many shaft segments are used in one complete gas turbine shaft?
  36. How is the trubine wheel of the MTU 396 Diesel Engine Turbocharger fitted onto the rotor shaft?
  37. List the tanks that the forward stripping pump can take suction on:
    • FWD F-76 Storage Tank
    • MID ships F-76 Storage Tank
    • #1 SSDG Fuel Service Tank
    • Diesel Hydraulic Prime Mover Fuel Service Tank
  38. In what tank does the Condensate Drain Pump discharge into?
    Bilge Holding tank
  39. What are the Engineer Officer's Standing Orders?
    • 1. General instructions
    • 2. Required reports
    • 3. Plaint operations
    • 4. Non-routine evolutions
    • 5. Underway watch routine
    • 6. Inport watch routine
    • 7. Special evolutions
    • 8. Watch stander responsibilities concerning operating logs and legal records
  40. Know the following locations:
    • Amber/NVD floodlights
    • SGSI Platform
    • Wave Off Lights
    • Deck Status Lights
    • Floodlights (port/stbd)
    • Forward Extended Line up lights
    • Aft Extended Line up lights
  41. Know the following locations:
    • Perimeter Lines
    • Safe Park Line
    • Landing Line Up Line
    • VERT Rep T-line
    • Landing Spot/Tie Down Circle
    • MH-60/SH-60 Landing Spot
  42. Know the following locations:
    • Landing Spot/Tie Down Circle
    • Vert Rep T-Line
    • Harpoon Grid
    • Perimeter Lines
    • Safet Park Line
    • Landing Line Up Line
    • MH-60/SH-60 Landing spot
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