Anatomy E4, I, Rum Abd

  1. The space btw layers of the greater omentum is the ___, and the space created within the peritoneal cavity is the____
    • Omental Bursa
    • Supraomental recess
  2. What structures are located within the supraomental recess?
    • Intestines
    • +/- Graid Uterus
  3. Splenic Recess is not present in _____
  4. Functions of the omentum (3):
    • Fluid for lube
    • Absorbs the corrects amount of fluid
    • "Policeman"- Production of WBC, translocates to sites in need
  5. The ____ has honeycomb
  6. The ruminant liver lies ____ & is located in the ___
    • obliquely
    • Abdominal part of the Thoracic Cage
  7. What directions are the L & R Lobes of the ruminant liver?
    • L= Craniovenral
    • R= Caudodorsal
  8. What are the external indications of hepatic lobation in ruminants?
    Round Ligament
  9. What is the appearance of the ruminant papillary process?
    Small and Ill defined
  10. In which species is the esophogeal impression deep? Shallow?
    • Deep= ox
    • Shallow= sheep
  11. Appearance of Gall Bladder in...
    • Ox: Pear-shaped
    • Sheep: Elongated
  12. Major differences seen in porcine liver (2):
    • No contact with R kidney
    • Distinct lobulation
  13. In which species does the caudate process
  14. The Common bile duct in AKA
    Ductus Choledochus
  15. The Common Bile Duct is the ___ + ____
    • Common Hepatic Duct
    • Cystic Duct
  16. The Common Bile Duct opens into the
    Major Duodenal Papilla
  17. The falciform Lig runs over the ____, through the ____ and attaches to the ____
    • Diaphragmatic Surface of the liver
    • notch for the round Lig
    • Diaphragm
  18. Parts of the Ruminant Pancreas, and relative sizes
    • Body- small
    • L lobe- long
    • R lobe- broad
  19. In which species does the ACCESSORY pancreatic duct open into the MINOR duodenal papilla?
    • Ox
    • Pig
  20. In which species does the MAJOR pancreatic duct open into the MAJOR duodenal papilla?
    • Sheep
    • Goat
  21. Appearance of he Spleen in...
    • Ox: Spatulate
    • Sheep/Goat: Rectangular/Triangular
    • Pig: Long and Narrow
  22. Which Splenic Ligaments of vestigial in the ox?
    • Phrenicosplenic
    • Gastrosplenic
  23. Where are the Kidneys located?
    • R: T13-L3
    • L: L3-L5
  24. Which species has a bean shaped kindey?
    Small Ruminants
  25. Appearance of Ox Kidneys:
    • L: Flat & Oval
    • R: Slightly twisted
  26. Number of Renal Lobes in
    • Ox: 18-20
    • Pig: 10
  27. Major Differencesin Porcine Kidney:
    • SAME level
    • No contact with liver
  28. What are the Cranial poles of the porcine kidneys associated with?
    L lobe and Body of the Pancreas
  29. Why are pigs predisposed to pancreatitis?
    ???Kidney and duodenum are close to pancreas???
  30. What are the major arteries of the abdomen?
    • Cranial Mesenteric
    • Celiac
  31. What is the extra A found in the ox?
    Collateral Branch of the Cranial Mesenteric Artery
  32. What are the branches of the Caudal Mesenteric A?
    • L Colic A
    • Cr Rectal A
  33. What supplies the descending colon?
    L colic A
  34. What supplies the rectum?
    Cranial Rectal A
  35. Abdominal lymphocenters:
    • Lumbar LC
    • Celiac LC
    • Cranial Mesenteric LC
    • Caudal Mesenteric LC
  36. what are the autonomic nerves of the abd?
    • Sympathetic truck
    • Vagus Nerve: Dorsal/Ventral Vagal Trunk
  37. What innervates the reticulum, omasum and abomasum?
    • Dorsal vagal trunk(visceral surfaces)
    • Ventral Vagal trunk (parietal surfaces)
  38. What lnn's are located around the aorta and caudal vena ceva?
    Lumbar Aortic lnn
  39. What lnn's are located around the sleen?
  40. Celiac ln include (2):
    • Splenic
    • Hepatic
  41. Cr Mesenteric lnn's include:
  42. Which Lnn's are examined during meat inspection?
    • Splenic
    • Hepatic
    • Jejunal
    • Ca mesenteric
  43. Which Lnn's are found within the mesocolon
    Caudal Mesenteric ln
  44. Where are the bovine jejunal lnn's located?
    Along the mesenteric surfaces of jejunal coils
  45. Where are the ovine jejunal lnn's located?
    Between Last Centrifugal & First Centripetal
  46. Where are the porcine jejunal lnn's located?
    Middle of the mesentery
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