P.E- Chapter 1- P.A Initiatives and Strategies

  1. What are the two main categories of of P.A promotion
    • Individual based approaches- focuses on changing P.A levels based on changes in individuals lifestyle
    • Population based approaches- aim to promote P.A by impacting on lage groups and populations
  2. What are some population based strategies
    • Policy- laws, guidelines, regulations that promotes P.A- eg introduction of minimal levels of P.A in schools
    • Environment- construction of places in local environment that encourage P.A- eg parks, bike paths, gyms
    • Mass media- target population to get active through T.V, radio, newspaper
    • Theoretical social models- used to predict population's reaction to imposed strategies
  3. What are some individual based strategies
    • Aim to change behaviour on an individual basis
    • Counselling and screening- via health care profession, internet self help, telephone couselling
  4. What are settings based strategies and approaches
    • Strategies used to promote P.A when in certain geographical locations or organisations are targeted
    • Eg- schools, workplaces, community organisations
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P.E- Chapter 1- P.A Initiatives and Strategies
P.E- Chapter 1- P.A Initiatives and Strategies