English Phrasal Verbs Esb

  1. ask someone to go on a date
    ask out
  2. cause
    bring about, bring on
  3. rear (criar) children / mention or introduce a topic
    bring up
  4. return a telephone call
    call back
  5. ask to come to an official place for a specific purpose
    call in
  6. cancel
    call off
  7. ask to speak in class / visit
    call on
  8. call on the telephone
    call up
  9. reach the same position or level
    catch up (with)
  10. register at a hotel
    check in, chek into
  11. investigate
    check into
  12. take a book from the library / investigate
    check out
  13. leave a hotel
    chek out (of)
  14. make sb feel happier
    cheer up
  15. make clean and orderly
    clean up
  16. meet by chance
    come across
  17. draw a line through
    cross out
  18. stop an annoying activity
    cut out
  19. do again
    do over
  20. visit informally
    drop by, drop in (on)
  21. leave smth/sb at a place
    drop off
  22. stop going to school, to a class, to a club, etc.
    drop out (of)
  23. find the answer by reasoning
    figure out
  24. write the completions of a questionnaire or official form
    fill out
  25. discover information
    find out
  26. exist satisfactorily
    get along (with)
  27. return from a place / receive again
    get back (from)
  28. enter a car / arrive
    get in, get into
  29. leave an airplane, a bus, a train, a subway, a bicycle
    get off
  30. enter an airplane, a bus, a train, a subway, a bicycle
    get on
  31. leave a car / avoid work or an unpleasant activity
    get out of
  32. recover from al illness
    get over
  33. finish
    get through
  34. arise from bed, a chair
    get up
  35. return an item to someone
    give back
  36. stop trying
    give up
  37. review or check carefully
    go over
  38. become an adult
    grow up
  39. submit an assignement
    hand in
  40. conclude a telephone conversation / put clothes on a hook
    hang up
  41. wear
    have on
  42. not enter
    keep out (of)
  43. stay at the same position or level
    keep up (with)
  44. force (sb) to leave
    kick out (of)
  45. take care of
    look after
  46. investigate
    look into
  47. be careful
    look out (for)
  48. review or check carefully
    look over
  49. look for information in a reference book
    look up
  50. invent / do past work
    make up
  51. give a baby the name of someone else
    name after, name for
  52. die
    pass away
  53. distribute / lose consciousness
    pass out
  54. select
    pick out
  55. go to get sb / take in one's hand
    pick up
  56. call attention to
    point out
  57. remove to a proper place
    put away
  58. return to original place
    put back
  59. postpone
    put off
  60. put clothes on one's body
    put on
  61. extinguish a cigarette or cigar
    put out
  62. tolerate
    put up with
  63. meet by chance
    run into, run across
  64. finish a supply of smth
    run out (of)
  65. appear, come
    show up
  66. stop a machine, light, faucet
    shut off
  67. resemble
    take after
  68. remove clothing / leave on a trip
    take off
  69. take someone on a date / remove
    take out
  70. take control
    take over
  71. begin a new activity or topic
    take up
  72. demolish, reduce to nothing
    tear down
  73. tear into many little peaces
    tear up
  74. consider carefully
    think over
  75. discard, get rid of
    throw away, throw out
  76. vomit, regurgitate food
    throw up
  77. pun on clothing to see if it fits
    try on
  78. decrease volume or intensity
    turn down
  79. submit an assignement / go to bed
    turn in
  80. stop a machine, light, faucet
    turn off
  81. begin a machine, light, faucet / excite
    turn on
  82. extinguish a light
    turn out
  83. increase volume or intensity
    turn up
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