1. 3 types of equipment for procedure
    • accessing
    • maintaining
    • advancement through artery
  2. 2 types of approaches in assessing arteries?
    cut down and percutaneous
  3. accessing the artery
    arteriotomy needles:
    have to be long enough to puncture vessels and the lumen has to be wide enough to unsert equipment

    the length of arteriotomy needles are?

    the diameters of the arteriotomy needle is?
    • length: 2.75-3.0 inches long (for femoral)
    • 1.5-2.0 (radial)
    • 2.75-3.0 (A.C)
    • 9.0 (lower back entrance)
    • all are measured in inches

    • diameters: are measured in gauges
    • arterial are 18 gauges
  4. types of needles used for access:
    • front wall needle
    • thin wall needle
    • smart needle
    • bloodless needle
    • Raulerson syringe needle
  5. Front wall needle
    also known as modified Seldinger

    1 piece needle ( just needle)
  6. thin wall
    also known as true Seldinger

    • 2 piece needle (the needle with oburtrator)
    • use 2" for thin pt or irregular artery
    • has risk for hematoma or pseudoanurisms
  7. smart needle
    • 1 piece needle with doppler
    • ultrasound guided
  8. bloodless needle
    • needle with hemostatic valve and bag attached to it
    • to bulky for table not commonly used
  9. raulerson syringe needle
    • easy to use
    • prevents blood splashing
    • syringe attached to needle
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