Términos coloquiales relacionados con la medicina popular

  1. acalenturado
    suffering from a mild fever
  2. acedías
  3. achaque
    sytemic weakness
  4. adormecimiento
  5. agallas
  6. tener agallas
    to have tonsilitis or sore throat
  7. agruras
  8. ahito (estar o quedarse)
    indigestion (to have)
  9. alambrito
    coil, loop (IUD)
  10. aldilla
  11. alferecía
    epilepsy, febrile convulsions in children, any undefined nervous condition
  12. aliviarse
    deliver, give birth
  13. almareos
  14. almorragia
  15. almorranas
  16. amodorrado
  17. analis
    analysis (mispronunciation of the word análisis)
  18. andancia
    epidemic of a mild illness
  19. anginas
  20. tener anginas
    to have tonsilitis
  21. tener ansia(s)
    to be anxious
  22. aparatito
    coil, loop (IUD)
  23. apendis
    appendix (mispronunciation of apéndice)
  24. apostema
  25. asentaderas
  26. ataque
    convulsion, seizure, hysteric fit
  27. aventado
  28. baba
    saliva, spittle
  29. babaza
    froth in the mouth
  30. barriga
    stomach, belly
  31. basca
  32. bilis
    gall bladder disease
  33. hacer bilis
    to get sick because of an emotional upset
  34. bilma
    cast made of leaves
  35. blanquillo
    egg white (used in many home remedies)
  36. boca del estómago
    pit of the stomach
  37. bola/bolita
  38. boquinete
    cleft palate, harelip
  39. buche
    mouth, throat
  40. cachete
    buttock, cheek
  41. cadera
    hip (often used to refer to lumbo-sacral area)
  42. calilla
  43. cámara
    stool, flatus
  44. cambio de vida
    change of life, menopause
  45. campanilla
  46. canicas
  47. canilla
    shin, forearm
  48. caño/cañón
    urethra (particularly in men)
  49. carnosidad
    pterigium, fleshy growth
  50. cataplasmo
    medicated compress
  51. celebro
    back of the head, base of the skull (mispronunciation of cerebro)
  52. cerebro
    back of the head, base of the skull
  53. cintura
    low back, small of back
  54. cirro
    painless, hard tumor
  55. coco
    head, brain
  56. coco
    hurt, boo-boo (children)
  57. cólico
    crampy abdominal pains, infant colic, menstrual cramps
  58. colita
  59. colti
    stiff neck
  60. columna
  61. comadrona
  62. compañones
  63. constipado
    congested, stuffed up, runny nose; sometimes used to mean constipated (estreñido)
  64. dolor del costado
    side stitch, any pain in the side, from the upper torso to the lower torso; archaic medical term for pneumonia
  65. cóxis
    coccyx (mispronunciation of cóccix)
  66. coyontura
    joint (mispronunciation of coyuntura)
  67. criar con pecho
  68. cruda
  69. cuadril
    hip (animal term)
  70. cuajarón
    blood clot
  71. cuajo
    blood clot
  72. cuarentena
    40-day period following childbirth which limits activities, and diet are restricted (also known as la dieta)
  73. cuello de la matriz
  74. cuero
  75. cuidarse
    to use contraceptives
  76. estar en culequillas
    squat (mispronunciation of cuclillas)
  77. chamorro
  78. chanza
  79. chichis
  80. chichón
    bump/lump on the head
  81. chochero
    medical practitioner in Mexico, similar to a homeopathist
  82. daños
    variety of symptoms that do not respond to treatment and are thus attributed to witchcraft
  83. dar el cuerpo
    defecate, have a bowel movement
  84. deponer
  85. deposición
    bowel movement, stool, feces
  86. deposiciones
  87. desecho
    discharge (vaginal)
  88. desguanzado
    tired, run down, light headed
  89. desguanzarse
    to become tired, feel run down, feel faint
  90. destornudar
    to sneeze (mispronunciation of estornudar)
  91. diabetes
    diabetes (mispronunciation of diabetes)
  92. dieta
    40-day period following childbirth during which activities and diet are restricted (also known as cuarentena)
  93. divieso
    boil, furuncle
  94. dolor de sentidos
  95. embolia
  96. embolio
  97. empacho
    indigestion, constipation, any digestive symptom
  98. empeine
    herpes, skin disease
  99. empeine
    instep or dorsum of foot
  100. empeine
    lower part of abdomen, pubic region
  101. empeine
  102. encarnado
    healing wound; swelling due to a foreign body, such as a splinter
  103. enchinarse (la piel)
    get goose bumps
  104. encorar
    heal; swell (e.g. from a splinter)
  105. enferma
    menstruating, on one's period
  106. enfermedad de la sangre
  107. enfermedad endañada
    disease resulting from an act of witchcraft
  108. enfermedad secreta
    venereal disease
  109. engarrotar
    stiffen, go numb
  110. entablazón
    obstruction, severe constipation
  111. entrepierna
  112. entresijo
    groin, genital region
  113. estar entripado
    have indigestion from overeating
  114. entumido
    numb (mispronunciation of entumecido)
  115. envarado
    stiff or numb in the neck or extremities
  116. envarado
    extremely flatulent or bloated
  117. erutar
    belch (mispronunciation of eructar)
  118. (estar o sentirse) escalado
    to have soreness of the mouth after eating sour fruit
  119. escocimiento
    burning pain, sting, smarting sensation
  120. escozor
    burning pain, sting, burning sensation
  121. espalda
    back; often used to refer to the upper back (as opposed to cintura)
  122. espinilla
    blackhead, pimple
  123. espinilla
  124. estar con
    have intercourse with, be intimate with
  125. estómago sucio
    dyspepsia, indigestion
  126. falsear
    buckle, sprain (e.g., knee)
  127. falseo
    buckling, sprain (e.g., knee)
  128. fenómeno
    freak monster (baby with multiple defects)
  129. flujo
    discharge (vaginal)
  130. frialdad
    impotence, infertility; vague sensation if uneasiness or emptiness
  131. fríos
    chills (usually due to malaria)
  132. gargajos
    mucus, phlegm, sputum
  133. garras
    fingernails (animal term)
  134. gaznate
    trachea, windpipe
  135. golondrino
    tumor under the armpit
  136. goma
  137. gómito
    vomit (mispronunciation of vómito)
  138. gorda
  139. grano
    pimple, sty (eye), any pustular lesion of the skin or scalp
  140. grano enterrado
  141. gripa
  142. gripe
  143. hacer de las aguas
    to urinate
  144. hacer del cuerpo
    to defecate
  145. hacer uso de
    to have intercourse with
  146. héctico
    frail, consumptive
  147. heder
    to stink
  148. herencia
    hereditary disease
  149. hervor de sangre
    allergic reaction resulting in a rash
  150. hético
    frail, consumptive
  151. hierros
  152. hocico
    mouth, snout (animal term)
  153. hormigueos
    pickling, tingling
  154. hoyito del chi
    hole through which urine passes, meatus of the urethra
  155. hueso de la rodilla
  156. hueso del pecho
    breast bone
  157. ijada
    colic, pain in the side, side stitch
  158. ijar
    flank, space between floating ribs and iliac crests
  159. incordio
    any hardening of soft tissues, particularly in the form of a string; bubo, tumor in the groin; discomfort
  160. inocente
    mentally retarded
  161. jiote
    skin lesion with scaling
  162. jiricua
    pie baldness
  163. juntarse
    to have intercourse
  164. labio cucho
    cleft palate, harelip
  165. lamparones
    pigmented or depigmented skin lesions
  166. latido
    gnawing sensation, presentiment; pulsation of the abdominal aorta
  167. lomo
    loin (animal term), upper part of the back (animal term)
  168. lupia
    encysted tumor
  169. magulladura
  170. mal de hiel
    gall bladder disease
  171. mal de ijar
    flank pain
  172. mal (de) ojo
    evil eye
  173. mal de orina
    dysuria with dribbling, urinary tract infection
  174. mal parto
    miscarriage, spontaneous abortion
  175. mala cama
    miscarriage, spontaneous abortion
  176. (estar) malo del corazón
    to have a heart condition
  177. mano
    hand (often used to refer to the entire arm)
  178. mareos
    dizziness, nausea
  179. maso
    biceps, muscle (from the English pronunciation)
  180. matriz
    uterus, womb
  181. mecos
  182. merolico
    medicine man, quack
  183. miembro
    penis, member
  184. mocos
    nasal mucus, snot
  185. mollera
    fontanelle/fontanel, soft spot on a baby's head
  186. mollera caída
    fallen fontanelle/fontanel (condition resulting from dehydration)
  187. mompers
  188. moquera
    nasal mucus, snot
  189. nacido
    pimple, pustule, furuncle (particularly on the scalp)
  190. naturaleza
    libido, sexual impulse
  191. naturaleza, ser de ~ fuerte
    have intense sexual appetites
  192. neurisma
    aneurism (mispronunciation of aneurisma)
  193. nube de ojo
  194. nuez de Adán
    Adam's apple
  195. obrar
    defecate, move one's bowels
  196. órgano
    penis, member
  197. orzuelo (del ojo)
  198. paleta
    shoulder blade
  199. panadizo
    felon, whitlow, abscess of the fingertip
  200. paño
    chloasma, blotches on the skin resulting from preganancy or use of contraceptice medication
  201. panza
    belly, stomach
  202. parche
    bandaid, plaster, poultice
  203. partes
    genitals, private parts
  204. partes nobles
    genitals, private parts
  205. partes ocultas
    genitals, private parts
  206. partes privadas
    genitals, private parts
  207. pasmado
  208. estar pasmado
    to have a rash and swelling attributed to changing temperatures; to have tetanus
  209. pasmo
    rash and swelling; rigidity and pain in the muscles, sudden spasm; tetanus
  210. pasmo del parto
    childbed fever
  211. pasmo seco
    infection, rash, or swelling attributed to changing temperatures
  212. pata
    foot (animal term)
  213. pegajoso
  214. pepa
  215. perilla (del ojo)
    sty (eye)
  216. perlatico
    palsy, paralysis
  217. perlesía
    palsy, paralysis
  218. pescuezo
    neck (animal term)
  219. petacas
  220. pie
    foot (often used to refer to the entire leg)
  221. piocha
  222. postema
  223. postemilla
    abscess in the mouth
  224. postilla
    scab or crust on a wound
  225. pujo
    tenesmus, urge to evacuate rectum or bladder
  226. pujos
    tenesmus in infant caused by being touched by menstruating or newly delivered woman
  227. punzada
    side stitch; stabbing headache
  228. purgación
    gonorrhea, urethral discharge produced in men by gonorrhea
  229. quiscoltl
    torticollis, stiff neck
  230. rabadilla
    coccyx, tail bone
  231. redaños
  232. regla
    menstrual flow, period
  233. regüeldo
    eructation, belch
  234. repetir
  235. resaca
  236. restirar
  237. resuello
    breath, wheezing
  238. resuello, no alcanzarle
    to be short of breath
  239. retachar
  240. retortijones (retorcijones)
    crampy abdominal pains often associated with diarrhea
  241. rinconera
    quack, midwife
  242. romadizo
    head cold
  243. (estar) roto
    to have a hernia
  244. sabañones
  245. sanar
    deliver, give birth
  246. secas
    buboes, swollen lymph nodes
  247. secundinas
  248. señorita
  249. sentidos
  250. sieso
  251. sobaco
  252. sobador
    folk healer who gives massages
  253. sobaquina
    underarm odor
  254. sonda
  255. suero
    IV (intravenous administration of a drug or fluid)
  256. susto
    fright, shock, trauma; folk belief that can cause physical damage
  257. taba
    ankle none; kneecap
  258. tabardillo
    typhoid fever
  259. tarantas
  260. tener agallas
    to have tonsilitis or a sore throat
  261. tener anginas
    to have tonsilitis
  262. tirarse gases
    to pass gas
  263. tirarse vientos
    to pass gas
  264. tiricia
    jaundice; separation sorrow (languishing due to the absence of a loved one); any debilitating disease
  265. tísico
    feeble, sickly
  266. tis/tisis
    tuberculosis, consumption
  267. tlacotillo
    perianal abscess
  268. torzón
    abdominal cramp
  269. tragadero
  270. tragante
  271. tripa
    catheter, intestine
  272. tripa ida
    locked intestine attributed to shock (see susto)
  273. trompa
  274. uñero
    inflammation around the fingernail
  275. usar
    to have intercourse with
  276. vagido
    convulsive sob, cry of a newborn baby
  277. vahido
    vertigo, giddiness, dizziness
  278. varis
    varicose veins (mispronunciation of várices)
  279. vello
    body hair, pubic hair, fuzz
  280. vergüenzas
    genitals, private parts
  281. verijas
    pubic region
  282. viento
    expelled gas, flatus
  283. (tener la) visita
    to menstruate, to be on one's period
  284. zaratanes
    lumps in the breast attributed to trauma and belived to evolve into cancerous tumors
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