MCB Exam4 Immune cells

  1. Wb cell's function is phagocytosis
    Neutrophils (PMNs)
  2. Wb cell's function is production of histamine
  3. Wb cell's function is production of toxic proteins agianst certain parasites; some phagocytosis
  4. Wb cell's function is initiation of adaptive immune responses
    Dendritic cells
  5. Wb cell's function is initiation of adaptive immune responses
    Dendritic cells
  6. Wb cell's function is phagocytosis when they mature into macrophages
  7. Wb cell's function is to target cells by cytolysis and apoptosis
    Natural killer cells (NK cells)
  8. 3 Types of Lymphocytes
    • Natural killer cells (NK cells)
    • T cells
    • B cells
  9. Wb cell's function is cell-mediated immunity
    T cells
  10. Wb cell's function is to produce plasma cells which produce antibodies
    B cells
  11. Process in which perforin proteins insert themselves into the plasma membrane of target cells, creating channels in mem that allow extracellular fluid to flow in, causing cell to burst
  12. The maturation and proliferation of _________ (along with _____) is one factor that causes swelling of lymph nodes during infection.
  13. Wb cells which also dispose of worn out blood cells
  14. Wb cells found in blood, spleen, lymph nodes, red bone marrow
    NK cells
  15. The binding of _______ to target cell, such as infected human cell, causes release of toxic granules, some of which contain perforin.
    NK cells
  16. Wb cells (2) in tonsils, spleen, thymus, red bone marrow, appendix, Peyer's patches of small intestine, & lymph nodes of resp, GI, and repro tracts; also circulate in blood
    • T cells
    • B cells
  17. Wb cells which recognize antigens and make antibodies against them
    B cells
  18. Wb cells which have surface immunoglobulins which coat surface with receptors to specific antigens
    B cells
  19. Wb cells which do not have surface immunoglobulins, but mature under the influence of the thymus
    T cells
  20. Wb cells which respond to antigens by receptors on their surface; contact w/antigen causes proliferation and secretion of cytokines
    T cells
  21. Chemical messengers that give instructions to other cells to perform certain functions
  22. Globulin proteins are relatively _______ (soluble or insoluble)
  23. Wb cells which are highly phagocytic & motile, active in initial stages of infection (engulf & destroy bacteria)
  24. 4 types of granulocytes
    • Neutrophils
    • Basophils
    • Eosinophils
    • Dendritic cells
  25. 2 types of agranulocytes
    • Monocytes
    • Macrophages (mature monocytes)
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