1. What condition deals with causing a difference in diameter of the pupils
  2. What complication of Iritis is an emergency
    Angle closure glaucoma
  3. For a Stye, Chalazion and Hordeolum, the treatment is to try a hot compress, if this doesnt resolve it what would you do next
    I&D, I&C
  4. THis is considered an infection of the lacriminal sac
  5. What medication is contraindicated for tx of HSV Keratitis
  6. A recurrent condition affecting the cornea due to recurrent over exposure to UV light
    HSV Keratitis
  7. Erethema to eye lid rims, crusting of the eye lashes is
    Anterior Blepharitis
  8. How do you identify allergic conjunctivitis
    Cobblestoning of eyelid
  9. WHat are the recommended tx for allergic conjunctivitis
    • Antihistimines
    • Vasoconstrictors
  10. What is the tx for bacterial conjunctivitis
  11. With this condition a person would describe as seeing a curtain or viel over thier eye
    Detached retina
  12. for an occular globe rupture, what is the initial tx
    COver both eyes, do not apply pressure
  13. In the treatment for hyphema it must include
    Raising of the bed to 60 degree incline
  14. With a chemical burn to the eye you should not ever use this
    A neutralizing agent
  15. A standard follow up time is
    the next day
  16. A condition that has blood beneath the bulbar conjunctiva, no pain, no change in visual accuity, and no discharge
    Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  17. Pt may state the have a feeling of a foriegn body in thier eye, along with photophobia and when using a flourascene stain the area that looks deeper is considered
    Corneal abrasion
  18. To diagnos Menneires disease you need these three signs and symptoms
    • Tinnitus
    • Vertigo
    • Sensory neuro hearing loss
  19. The only method to Dx vocal polyps is
    Direct or indirect visualization
  20. This condition is characterized by swollen submental, submandibular tissue with a woody look to the neck
    Ludwigs angina
  21. You must rule this out when doing an exam for PTA
  22. THis is described as a midline erythematous neck mass that moves with swallowing
    Thyroglossal duct cyst
  23. THis condition happens in advanced age persons, where there is a decrease in accomidation due to loss of elsaticity
  24. A singular enlarged tonsil with excudates, and a deviated ulvula
    Peri tonsilular abcess (PTA)
  25. Hearing loss that is due to loud noise is considered
    Noise trauma
  26. What are some symptoms of allergic rhinitis
    • Watery discharge from eyes
    • bluish turbinates,
    • cobblestoning,
    • PND
  27. In its early stages it looks like a tear drop, in its mature stage it looks like a peeled seedless grape
    Nasal Polyp
  28. What is vertigo
  29. Hallmark symptom of vocal chord polyps
  30. This condition occurs when light rays are focused infront of the retina
  31. Give some exam findings of conjunctivitis
    • Redness
    • Discharge
    • Matting of eyelids
  32. What is the TX for auricular Hematoma
    I&D and Compression
  33. What are some complications of chronic otitis media
    • Hearing loss
    • oscular changes
  34. How do you treat otitis externa
    • 2% acetic acid,
    • Antibiotic with cortical steriods
  35. This eye condition is charcterized by a lesion that turns dull grayish, to necrotizing
    Corneal ulcer
  36. This condition is a result of chronic negative pressure of the middle ear
  37. If a patient comes to you with vertigo and upon an ear exam you notice TM perforation this suggest
    Inner ear disruption/injury
  38. What condition displaces the Pinna laterally and inferiorly
  39. Bleeding between the perichondrium and quadrilateral cartlage of the nose are signs of
    Septal Hematoma
  40. What condition will you notice Schwann Cells
    Acustic Neuroma
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