CH 6 TGB Pelvis and Thigh Bony Landmarks

  1. Bowl shaped and located on the medial surface of the Ilium and is an attachment site for the Iliacus muscle. The presence of the Iliacus and the abdominal contents make it difficult to palpate.
    What is the Iliac Fossa?
  2. Also known as the (AIIS) is located inferior and medial to the ASIS and is the attachment site for rectus femoris muscle. Smaller and flatter than ASIS, is deep to the sartorius muscle and inguinal ligament. May be difficult to extinguish.
    What is the Anterior Inferior Spine?
  3. Located distal to the Iliac crest, is the large, superficial mass located on the side of the hip. Serves as an attachment site of the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and lateral rotators of the hip.
    What is the Greater Trochanter of the Femur?
  4. located directly inferior to the navel and superior to the genitals. Formed by the superior, medial edge of both pubic bones, is roughly two
    inches wide and clearly palpable. Attachment site for rectus abdominus muscle and abdominal aponeurosis.
    What is the Pubic Crest?
  5. long, superior edge of the Ilium. Begins at the ASIS and extends around the side of the torso to end at the PSIS. Besides helping to keep pants
    up, serves as attachment sites for the quadratus lumborum and abdominal muscles. Superficual and easily palpable.
    What is the Iliac Crest?
  6. Located on the anterior and superior aspect of the ilium. Both are the superficial tips located below the waist line underneath the pants pockets. Serves as attachment site for the sartorius muscle and the Inguinal ligament.
    What is the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS)?
  7. Also known as the pelvis, consists of 2 hip bones, sacrum and coccyx. Although deep to surrounding muscle and organs, aspects are easily palpable.
    What is the Pelvic Girdle?
  8. lies posteriorly between the hip bones, large triangular bone at inferior end of the vertebral column made of 4-5 fused vertebrae, is situated between the overhanging sides of the pelvis.
    What is the Sacrum?
  9. Extends inferiorly form the sacrum, located at the top of gluteal cleft. Composed of 3-4 fused bones, has segmented, bumpy contour an can be inch or more in length.
    What is the Coccyx?
  10. Also known as the "Sit Bones" are located on the most inferior aspect of the pelvis at the level of the gluteal fold. Serves as attachment site for the hamstrings, adductor magnus and the sacrotuberous ligament.
    What is the Ischial Tuberosity?
  11. Located at posterior end of the Iliac Crest. Both can be visibly
    identified by two small dimples found at the base of the low back. To
    palpate, may feel like small humps surrounded by thicker tissues and are
    not as pronounced as the ASISes
    What is the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine? (PSIS)
  12. Running down the center of the sacrum and composed of three to four points. On either side of this crest is the lateral Sacral crest a smaller series of bony knobs.
    What is the Medial Sacral Crest?
  13. Part of the attachment site for the gluteus maximus and the sacrotuberous ligament.
    What is the Edge of the Sacrum?
  14. The junction between the sacrum and the Ilium. Located medial to the PSIS and deep to the thoracolumbar Aponeurosis and posterior Sacroiliac ligaments.
    What is the Sacroiliac Joint?
  15. located distal to the posterior surface of the Greater Trochanter, it is
    a small ridge serving as an attachment site for the lower fibers of the
    gluteus maximus tendon and the upper fibers of the vastus lateralis
    What is the Greater Tuberosity?
  16. also called the naval, will be visible when the abdomen is undraped. Can be felt at the midline of the body. Superior to the level of the ASIS'es
    What is the Umbilicus?
  17. located on the superior aspect of the pubic crest, is shaped like a small horn and serves as an attachment site for the adducter longus muscle and the inguinal ligament. Are one to two inches apart and not always easy to palpate.
    What are the Pubic Tubercles?
  18. Spans 45 degrees from the pubis tubercle toward the AIIS. Forms a ridge that serves as an attachment site for pectineus muscle. Deep to inguinal ligament and a nurovascular bundle.
    What is the Superior Ramus of the Pubis?
  19. located along the inferior aspect of the pelvis, together the two make a bridge between the pubic crest and the ischial tuberosity. Serves as an attachment site for the gracilis and adductor brevis muscles.
    What is the Inferior Ramus of the Pubis?
  20. What is the ( 3 ) bones which make up the hip (coxal) bone?
    • 1. Ilium
    • 2. Ischium
    • 3. Pubis
  21. The ___________ and ___________ are considered part of both the pelvis and the vertebral column.
    Sacrum and Coccyx
  22. Describe 3 differences between a typical male and female pelvis?
    • 1. Female pelvis broader for carrying children.
    • 2. Females have wider Iliac Crest
    • 3. Females have larger pelvic bowl
  23. The ____________ can be palpated by following the superior pelvis from the ASIS to the PSIS on the side of the torso.
    Iliac Crest
  24. Which pair of bony landmarks can be be visually identified by two small dimples at the base of the lower back?
    Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
  25. The __________ are often called the "Sit Bones"
    Ischial Tuberosity
  26. Which Bony Landmark can be located by sliding your fingerpads inferiorly four to six inches along the lateral side of the thigh?
    Greater Trochanter of the Femur
  27. The __________ is located on the medial surface of the ilium and serves as an attachment site for the iliacus muscle.
    Iliac Fossa
  28. The ___________ is comprised of 4-5 fused vertebrae and the _________ is comprised of 3-4 fused bones.
    Sacrum / Coccyx
  29. The ridge running down the center of the sacrum is the ____________________.
    Medial Sacral Crest
  30. The coccyx is located nearest to which topographical feature?
    Gluteal Cleft
  31. The __________ joint can be found just inferior and medial to the PSIS.
  32. With your partner prone, what passive positional adjustment and motion will help you to feel movement in the sacroiliac joint?
    Rotate Hip Laterally, Locate PSIS, move slightly inferior and and medial.
  33. Which bony landmark can be found just distal to the greater trochanter and directly lateral to the ischial tuberosity?
    Gluteal Tuberosity
  34. The ________________ are the bony prominences located on the superior part of the pubic crest.
    Pubic Tubercles
  35. The superior ramus of the pubis forms a ridge that serves as an attachment site for the _________
    Pectineus Muscle
  36. The rami of the pubis forms a bridge between the ______________ and the ___________.
    Pubic Crest / Ischial Tuberosity
  37. What is the recommended position of your partner while palpating the pubic rami?
    Partner supine, place your flexed knee under partners knee.
  38. The _______________ is the horizontal line between the buttock and thigh.
    Gluteal Fold
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