Western Civ 22-27

  1. What were the OPium Wars and why primarily were they fought?
    They highlighted larger issues of sovereignty & economic status; the europeans rights to trade with whoever they please
  2. What was the significance of the Berlin Conference of 1884?
    Called to settle the matter of control over the congo River basin & it established ground rules for a new phase of europe economic & political expansion
  3. why was there a "scramble for africa" according to British writer J.A. Hobson?
    all about profit.
  4. who ran the congo free state?
    Belgium; Leopold's private company
  5. who coined the term "eugenics" and what did it mean?
    Francis Galton; science improving the racial qualities of humanity through selective breeding of the superior types
  6. Concentration camps were first used by the British in the _________ war
  7. What was the main result of the Treaty of Nanking (1842)?
    Compelled the chinese to give the british trading privilidges right to reside in 5 cities and port of hong kong
  8. Writer Rudyard Kipling urged both the British and the Americans to do what?
    Take up the white man's burden
  9. What, supposedly, triggered the Sepoy Rebellion (1857) in India? What resulted from this mutiny?
    Sepoys refused to use rifle cartridges greased with pork fat also induced social, economic, and political grievances; the british were compelled to reorganized their indian empire, developing new strategies of rule.
  10. What african country managed to maintain its independence?
  11. Europeans became concerned about preserving national traditions and identity in the distant lands they were ruling through their imperial might. These colonial holdings became various_____ cultures.
  12. What major Western power had no overseas colonies to speak of?
  13. The Arfrikaners, or Boers, were European settlers from where? Where did they choose to settle?
    from Netherlands & Switzerland; South Africa
  14. Who was Cecil Rhodes and why is he significant?
    British imperial adventurer; founded the diamond-minig company DeBeers, became prime minister of Britain's Cape Colony
  15. Who was the founder of the Zionist movement?
    Theodor Herzl
  16. WHat technologies did the Second Industrial Revolution center on? What countries took the lead?
    steel, electricity, & chemicals; US Japan & Germany
  17. Three important observations about Karl Marx & Marxism:
    • 1) They argued for the expansion of civil liberties, including the right to vote
    • 2) They did support gender equality but the issue was never as important as class politics
    • 3) Marx's capital serves as the prominent critique of capitalism
  18. What did Sigmund Freud say was the cause of mental disorders?
    irreconcilable tension between natural drives & cultural restraints
  19. what was the dreyfus affair and why is it important to remember?
    jewish captain on the french general staff was accused of selling military secrets to germany he was later freed
  20. who first coined the phrase "survival of the fittest"
    Herbert Spencer
  21. What was the result of the russian revolution of 1905?
    5 million acres of royal land to peasants, granted permission to peasants to withdraw from them & form independent farms & cancelled peasant property debts
  22. what siberian mystic became an advisor to the russian royal family and helped to seal their fate during world war 1?
  23. Why were so many christians troubled by the implications of charles darwin's writings?
    darwin said there was no god.
  24. in what book did darwin mention humans and their origins?
    origin of species
  25. what group called for irelands full independence in the late 19th century
    irish republic brotherhood
  26. what occurred on june 28, 1914 triggering world war 1
    franz ferdinand was killed
  27. the german _____ _____ envisioned a sweeping attack through neutral belgium to defeat the french outside paris
    schlieffen plan
  28. what was britains public motive for declaring war on germany in 1914?
    invasion of belgium
  29. what was the balfour declaration
    british declared their support of the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people
  30. what event galvanized the cause of irish nationalism during world war 1?
    easter rebels
  31. in 1915, what was the first large scale amphibious attack in history?
    gallipoli peninsula
  32. the mandates were territories in the middles east and former german colonies that were then administered by france & great britain
  33. what public figure at the versailles peach conference sought independence from the french for the vietnamese people
    ho chi minh
  34. what did the phrase total war mean?
    focusing all parts of society on the single goal of military victory
  35. what weapon was considered to be the best bet to break the stalemate on the western front?
  36. what two men led the bolsheviks in 1917?
    lenin & trotsky
  37. what was the slogan used by the bolsheviks during the summer of 1917?
    Peace, land, bread, & now.. & all power to the soviets
  38. the bloodiest battles of the war occurred during 1916-1917. Cite the first
    German attack on the french verdun
  39. what finally convinced the united states to get militarily involved in world war 1
    zimmerman telegram
  40. cite 3 new weapons that appeared during world war 1
    exploding bullets, liquid fire, & poison gas
  41. who opened the first birth control clinic in 1921?
    Marie Stopes
  42. who were the whites
    the bolsheviks enemies
  43. what did lenin have to resort to in dealing with the adverse effects of war communism
  44. to what does the term gulag refer
    labor camp system
  45. how did stalin's policies in his revolution from above in the 1920s and 1930s extend into the families of ordinary russians
    outlawed abortion and divorce more difficult
  46. how did stalin's great terror defeat its own purpose
    it destroyed the most talented elements in soviet society
  47. benito mussolini was referred to as_____
  48. what was the dawes plan
    part of the effort to settle reparations
  49. what was the SA
    nazi storm troopers
  50. what was the night of the long knives
    high ranking SA officials were executed
  51. what technological innovation had a tremendous impact on political campaigning in the 1920s & 30s
  52. what was the night of broken glass
    in nov. SA attacked some 7500 jewish stores burned 200 syn killed 91 & beat up thousands
  53. while in prison hitler dictated his autobiography _______
    mein kampf; my struggle
  54. what poem by TS Elliot captured the postwar mood of despair and frustration
    the waste land
  55. in 1940 world-renown actor _______ _______ provided nazi pomposity in his film the great dictator
    Charlie Chaplin
  56. What event in 1933 led to hitler being granted unlimited power
    burning of reichstag
  57. why did the collapse of the new york stock exchange in october 1929 have immediate & disastrous effects in europe
    everyone owned us money
  58. what british economist greatly influences the roosevelt administration's fiscal policies
    john maynard
  59. in the first half of the 19th century the british east india company was all powerful the company
    • 1) had its own military
    • 2) had the right to collect taxes
    • 3) governed some parts of india directly & other parts indirectly
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