1. List two problems with High School athletics
    • Over emphasis on sport development
    • Athletes are privileged over other students
    • Limited Participation access
    • Elitism

  2. List two problems with College athletics

    Lack of Athletes' rights

    Focus on eligibility and not on education

    Struggles over gender equity
  3. Power and performance sports
    Power and performance sports reaffirm gender differences and a form of gender ideology that privileges men over women

    Corporate sponsors market athletes who embody a corporate emphasis on productivity efficiency and dedication to performance in the face of barriers.
  4. Participation and Pleasure Sports
    • Are inclusive
    • Will grow as connections are given priority over confrontation
    • Sponsorships will be difficult to obtain and maintain

    • Factors predicting growth:
    • Concerns about health and fitness
    • Groups seeking alternative sports participation Preferences among older people
    • Values brought to sports by women
  5. Identify major themes in sports and predictions for the future
    • women-
    • race and ethnicity-
    • deviance
    • violence
    • education and sport
    • youth sport
    • social class
    • economics
    • media
  6. Influencing trends in sport
    • technology to push human limits
    • Telecommunications and Electronic Media
    • Organization and rationalization
    • Commercialism and consumption
    • Changing demographic composition
  7. Using theories for change in sports
    • Cultural theory:
    • want to change symbols, values, norms,
    • explain how people use power.
    • Use Reformist strategies

  8. Reformist Strategy
    • Popular among people who emphasize equity and fairness
    • Emphasise expanding participation opportunties
  9. Make a positive change.
    • Use sport to facilitate changes beyong the field
    • Identify goals
    • Use theories to plan strategies
    • Choose a vantage point for making changes
  10. Reformist Goal
    • Improvement:
    • Based on belief that sport participation produces positive consequensces
    • Ethical foundations of sports must be restored and maintained
    • Participation opportunities must be increased.
  11. Achieving Improvement/reaching a reformist goal
    • Make changes that promote fair competition
    • Character building experiences
    • Opportunties for everyone to participate

    • Control cheating, deviance and drug use
    • Eliminate discrimination from policy and programs

    Must get others tocooperate on prioritization of these changes
  12. Cultural Theories
    explain process through which social worlds are produced reproduced and transformed. To change sports we must change symbols values norms avocabularies beliefs and ideologies that people use to make sense of and give meaning to sports.

    Focuses on issues of ideology representation and power dynamics in society
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