circulatory system

  1. what is a vein apart of? what does it do for the heart?
    A vein is part of the circulatory system and veins gives the heart oxygen
  2. what are arteries? what does arteries do for the heart ?
    Arteries are like veins but bigger. Arteries help the heart by taking away carbon dioxide.
  3. How many chambers are in the heart?
    there are two chambers on each side of the heart. which equals four.
  4. where dose the right chamber of the heart take blood to.
    the right chamber only takes blood to the veins of the lungs.
  5. why dose the left chamber work harder then the right chamber? where dose the left blood to in the body?
    The left chamber of the heart works harder because it takes blood to the whole body and not just the lungs.
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circulatory system
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