pft 2

  1. what does a mecury barometer measure
    barometeric pressure
  2. when using a mercuring barometer, the pressure is measured from the ___ of the meniscus
  3. if the water is in the barometer instead of mercury, where is the measurement assessed
    bottom of the meniscus
  4. list examples of equipment that utilize an aneroid barometer
    • bp cuffs
    • in ventilators to record pressure
  5. what is maximum inspiratory pressure used to assess
    rediness to wean in ventilator pt
  6. what is the minimum acceptable value
    < -20 cmh20 pressure indicates ins. muscle weakness
  7. what does a maximum exp pressure measurement evaluate
    pt ability to maintain an airway and clear secretions (cough affectively)
  8. what is the minimum acceptable value for MEP
    < +40 cmh20 pressure indicates poor ability to clear secretions
  9. how should the RT instruct a pt to perform a VC maneuver
    max ins followed by a max. exh W/OUT force
  10. the VT maneuver will provide the important ____ used to identify restrictive disease
  11. what five volumes are measured when a VC is recorded
    • vt- normal breathing
    • irv
    • erv
    • ic (irv +vt)
    • vc (irv+vt+erv)
  12. a decreased ___ is the best indicator of ___ lung disease
    • vc
    • restrictive
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