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  1. spirometers measures
    • volumes
    • flow rates
  2. which type of spirometer is considered the most accurate
    water sealed spirometers (collins)
  3. a pneumotachometer measures
  4. what other terms are used for devices that measure flow
    • wright respirometer
    • fleisch
  5. what are the 2 flow ranges that a peak flow meter is available to measure
    • low range= 300-400
    • high range= 600-800
  6. accuracy of peak flow measurements depends on
    pt effort
  7. describe how to identify a pt personal best peak flow measurement
    isntruct pt to record every day, morning, afternoon, 2-3 days a week when asthma is under control
  8. describe how to measure a pt's peak flow value
    blow out as hard and as fast as possible
  9. a plethymograph measures
    • thoracis gas volume TGV
    • functional residual volume FRV
  10. what is the advantage of using a body box for PFT measurements
    measures FRC in pt with obstructive lung disease
  11. what are the disadvantages of using the body box for pft measurements
    • unable to enter box due to phycal limitations
    • claustrophobia
    • unable to pant acceptably
  12. what does the kymograph record
    volume against time
  13. what does the X-Y recorder plot
    volume against flow
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