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  1. What is the action of insulin
    Decrease blood glucose
  2. What do sulonylureas and glitinides do?
    Increase insulin release abd increase insulin responsiveness
  3. What do Biguanides do?
    Potentiate insulin actions by dec hepatic gluconeo and inc uptake and glycolysis
  4. What do thiazolidenones do?
    Inc insulin sensitivity by incr insulin receptore and glucose receptors
  5. What do glucosidase inhibitors do?
    Decr intestinal ch2o absorption
  6. What do in Incretins do?
    Incr amylin and insulin release from beta cells
  7. What does dpp4 do and what inhibits it
    Breaks down incretins and inhibited by sigaliptin
  8. What is an example of an glp1r agonists ( Incretin agonist)
  9. Two examples of sulfonylureas
    Tolbutamide and chloropropamide
  10. Examples of glitinides
    End with glinide....repaglinide and nateglinide
  11. What are the adverse effects of sulfonylureas and glitinides?
    Hypoglucemia and nausea avomitting rash headach
  12. Side effects of Biguanides
    Lactice acidosis gi discomfort
  13. Examples of t
    End in - litazones
  14. Side effects of thiazolidediones
    Hepatotoxicity weight gain
  15. What is an amylin analog
    Pramlintide side effects nqusea vomitting diarhea
  16. What drugs produce hypoglycemia
    Ethanol(decr gluconeo) beta adrenergic (dec gluconeo and glycogenolysis)antagonists and salicylates( inc insulin release)
  17. What are drugs that produce hyperglycemia
    Epinephrine glucocorticoids qbd orql contraceptives( counter insulin) clonidine ca channel blockers and thiazide diuretics( decr insulin through beta cells)
  18. What are the hyperglycemic agents
    Glucose and glucagon
  19. What does mellitus mean
    Lack of insulin or its action
  20. What does insipidus mean
    Lack of adh or its action
  21. Is insulin anabolic or catabolic
  22. Glucagon anabolic or catabolic
  23. How is insulin administered
    Iv sc and im 100 u most pt 40 u kids
  24. What PTs present as type I diabetics
    Lack activr insulin onset less than 40 thin autoimmune
  25. Type ii PTs
    Decresased response to insulin onset old obese
  26. Diet therapy type I
    Composition and timing constant
  27. Type ii diet control
    Weight reduction
  28. Exercise effects on diabetics
    Incr insulin dependent glucose uptake
  29. Drug therapy
    Type i- insulin required type ii- weight reduction antidiabetic agents
  30. Natural insulin preps short? Inter? Long?
    Short-semilente cloudy, inter- lente- cloudy, long pzi proramine added
  31. What can be added to change absorption rates
    Addition of additional components, buffera used to dissolv or suspend insulin, changing aa sequence
  32. Semisynthetic rapid, short, inter/long
    Rapid-lispro aspart, short-none interlong- glsrgine drtermir
  33. Adverse rxns to insulin therapy
    Hypoglycemia Allergic rxns lipoatrophy lipohypertrophy(at site of injection)
  34. Factors that affect insulin
    Exercise diet stress other drugs
  35. What are the regimens
    Am dose and pm dose of combined rapie and inter or single am dow of inter/long plus short acting multiple doses or premixed formulations
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