Linguistics Exam 2 UNH ENG 402

  1. allophones
    one set of possible spoken sounds
  2. assimilation
    sounds become more like neighboring sounds
  3. dissimilation
    sounds become less like neighboring sounds - fifth to fift
  4. insertion
    sound inserted in word nuclear to nucular
  5. deletion
    a phoneme disappears for easier pronunciation
  6. metathesis
    re-ordering of phonemes ask becomes aks, common in childrens speech
  7. chain shifts
    • change in pronunciation (vowel musical chairs) works clockwise
    • Great vowel shift - Middle English became Modern English - raising of the mid vowels the rest follow
    • Northern Cities chain shift -
  8. complementary distribution
    when sounds do not occur in the same environment, they do not overlap
  9. minimal pairs
    differ only by one phoneme seal-zeal bed-red
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Linguistics Exam 2 UNH ENG 402
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