1. axial control
    the ability of the catheter to transmit the manipulation being done at the hub of the catheter
  2. body
    the main part of the catheter that stretches from the hub to the distal tip
  3. flow rating(max pressure)
    the max amount of pressure and volume that can be injected through the catheter
  4. flexibility
    ability of the catheter to band without kinking or fracturing
  5. hub
    the proximal end in which the manifold is connected
  6. internal diameter
    the size of the inner lumen. this diameter determines the size of guidewire/intercentional equipment that may be inserted through the catheter. measured in inches
  7. external diameter
    the measurement of the diameter of the catheter. measured in french. helps to match equipment with sheath, etc. the smaller the french size, the smaller the equipment. the colors assiociated with french size is the same as sheaths
  8. maneuverability
    assiociated with flexability. is used to describe the ability to advance a catheter around tight bends and through the tortuous vascular structures
  9. memory
    ability of a catheter to retain its shape in the body after manipulation, warming and use
  10. pliability
    the ability of the cath to be reshaped
  11. pushability
    the ability of the cath to transmit the force applied to the hub of catheter to the distal tip
  12. stability
    the catheters ability to stay in the position placed in the coronary artery, retain memory, and depends on stiffness of catheter
  13. stiffness
    opposite force to flexability. it refers to the ability of the catheter to resist bending(want a balance btween flexability and stiffness)
  14. backup-cath support
    the catheters ability to aid and support it's own position despite any force or resistance that is applied to the catheter
  15. torque control
    ability of the catheter to respond to twisting of the hub while in the body
  16. trackability
    the ability of the catheter to ve advanced over a guidewire through difficult and tortuous anatomy
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