SAT Vocab #20-21

  1. anomaly
    (n) deviation from the common law; abnormality
  2. convivial
    (adj) characterized by jovial fellowship; festive; in good humor
  3. diffuse
    (adj) spread out; wordy
  4. extrovert
    (n) one whose interest is centered in external objects and actions
  5. germane
    relevant; pertinent; having a significant bearing on the matter at hand
  6. obtuse
    (adj) dull, blunt; slow to perceive
  7. penurious
    (adj) miserly, stingy; poverty-stricken
  8. senile
    (adj) characteristic of old age
  9. sententious
    (adj) terse, pithy; given to moralizing
  10. stagnate
    (v) to lie inactive; to fail to progress or develop
  11. tawdry
    (adj) gaudy and cheap; vulgarly ornamental
  12. titillate
    (v) to tickle; to excite agreeably
  13. toxic
    (adj) harmful, poisonous
  14. trenchant
    (adj) having a sharp edge or point; cutting; sharp; clear; keen
  15. virile
    (adj) having masculine strength, vigor or the like
  16. visceral
    (adj) pertaining to the internal organs; as the heart, liver; etc
  17. beneficent
    (adj) doing or producing good
  18. denunciation
    (n) expression of strong disapproval made openly or publicly
  19. egregious
    (adj) extraordinarily bad
  20. imminent
    (adj) about to occur
  21. lassitude
    (n) state or feeling of being tired and listless; weariness
  22. mayhem
    (n) maiming of a person; disfiguring of the body
  23. obsequious
    (adj) fawning; servile; acting like a slave
  24. regurgitate
    (v) to surge back, especially to vomit
  25. relevant
    (adj) relating to the matter at hand; pertinent
  26. residual
    (adj) left over; remaining
  27. sanguinary
    (adj) bloodthirsty; accompanied by carnage or slaughter
  28. stringent
    (adj) rigidly controlled or enforced; severe; strict
  29. tantamount
    (adj) equivalent in value, meaning, or effect
  30. vacuous
    (adj) empty; unfilled; dull; stupid or inane
  31. vegetate
    (v) to lead a monotonous, passive, or merely physical existence
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