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  1. t/f addisons disease is a deficiency in aldosterone and cortisol
  2. cushings disease is an excess of glucocorticoid
  3. all of theses are signs or symptoms of chushing's syndrom except one
    moon shaped face
    weight loss
    weight loss is the exception
  4. when should a pt with adrenal disorders be scheduled for treatment
    in the morniing when cortisol levels are higher
  5. t/f most goiters cause hyperthyroidism
  6. t/f the primary goiter accounts for 75% of all thyroid swellings
  7. causes of hypothyroidsim occur from:
    all of the above
    all of the above
  8. what is an oral complication of thyrotoxicosis
    babies born with erupted teeth from mothers that have hyperthyroidism
  9. what is diabetes caused by?
    • defect in insulin secretion
    • defect in insulin action
  10. t/f glycosuria and polyuria are both effects of diabetes
  11. t/f glycosuria is an absence of glucose in the urea
  12. which genetic syndrom is associated with diabetes
    down syndrome
  13. what is considered a safe level of glucose for dental treatment
    between 70-126 mg/dL
  14. what disease is a deficiency of aldosterone and cortisol (hypoadrenalism)
  15. what disease has signs and symptoms of weakness, fatigue, abnormal pigmentation of skin and mucous membranes, hypertension, anorexia, weight loss, delayed healing and increased susceptiblity to infection
    addisons disease
  16. if a pt with _____ disease is challeneged by stress they will have sunken eyes, sweating, weak pulse, cyanosis, nausea, vomiting, headache, dehydration, fever, dyspnea, myalgia, arthralgia, hypernatremia, eosinophilia
  17. if a pt with addisons disease is not treated rapidly what can they develop? 4
    hypothermia, hyptension, hypoglycemia and circulatory collapse that can result in death
  18. what are the risk factors for primary insufficiency?
    • idiopathic destruction of adrenal cortex
    • hemorrhage
    • sepsis
    • infectious disease (HIV, TB)
    • malignancy
    • adrenalectomy
    • drugs
  19. what are the risk factors for secondary adrenal insufficiency
    • hypothalmic or pituitary disease
    • administration of exogenous corticosteroids
    • administration of specific drugs (desforrioxamine)
  20. what is the medical management of primary adrenal insufficiency
    • eliminate infectious agent or malignant disease
    • homral replacement therapy
    • encourage pt to ingest adequate sodium
  21. glucocorticoid replacement is based on what three factors
    • the duration and severity of surgery and level of pain control
    • the amount of cortisol produced during the physiologic response to surgical stress
    • the overal health of the pt who takes dialy steriods
  22. what is the glucocorticoid target of hydrocortisone on the day of minor surgical stress?
    25 mg
  23. what is the glucocorticoid target of hydrocortisone per day for 102 dayse for moderate surgical stress
    50-75 mg
  24. what is the glucocorticoid targe of mydrocoritsone daily for 2-3 days for major surgical stress
    100-1500 mg
  25. what is the excess of glucocorticoid due to hyperadrenalis
    cushings disease
  26. what is abnormal hair growth on women
  27. what disease has a buffalo hump on the upper back
  28. an adrenal crisis requires immediate injection of what?
    glucocorticoid, fluid and electrolytes
  29. what should the the pt with adrenal disorder take before a stressful procedure
  30. when should a pt with andrenal disorder schedule appts
    AM because cortisol levels are higher
  31. what can be used in the dental office for the adrenal disorder pt to help decrease stress
    N2O and benzodiazepines
  32. what should be used with caution with an adreanal disease
    barbiturates used with CAUTION
  33. what should not be used as an analgesic for the adrenal disorder pt who is a long term steroid user
    aspirin and anti-inflammatory
  34. what should be provided at the end of a procedure fot he adrenal disorder
    long acting anesthetic
  35. when does a stress response usally occur with adrenal disorders
    1-5 hours after procedure has started
  36. if surgery was to be done on a pt with adreanl disorder what must be done
    discontinue corticoidsteriod inhibitors
  37. what is a gneralized enlargement of the thyroid gland
  38. what functions to secrete hormones for growth and maturation of tissues, cell respiration and tatla energy expenditure
    throid gland
  39. what are the three types of goiters
    • primary goiter
    • thyrostimulatory secondary goiter
    • thyroinvasive secondary goiter
  40. what is a simple goiter and is thyroid cancer?
    primary goiter
  41. what type of goiter accounts for 75% of all thyroid swellings
    primary goiter
  42. t/f most primary goiters are nonfunctional and do not cause hyperthyroidism
  43. what type of goiter is associated with graves disease, hashimoto;s thyroiditis and congenital hereditary goiter
    thyrostimulatory secondary goiter
  44. t/f graves disease is associated with hypothyriodism
    false! HYPERthyroidism
  45. what are the signs and symptoms of graves disease associated with hyperthyroidism
    nervousness, fatigue, rapid heart beat, heat intolerance
  46. what does hasimoto;s thyroiditis lead to?
  47. what is thryoinvasive secondary goiters assocaited with?
    sub acute thryoiditis
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