Linguistics Exam 2

  1. synonymy
    where two phonologically distinct forms share one or more of their meanings rain-jacket, rain-coat
  2. homophony
    a single pronunciation is associated with two or more unrelated meanings - 2 meanings of bank
  3. polysemy
    a single pronunciation associated with 2+ meanings eg. pool
  4. metonymy
    a single word substitutes for an object or attribute
  5. amelioration
    the process by which a word connotation becomes elevated, improves (terrific)
  6. derrogation
    degradation of a word connotation
  7. widening or expansion
    extension of the semantic sphere
  8. narrowing or restriction
    reduction of semantic sphere
  9. Principle of compositionality
    the meaning of a sentence is determined by the meaning of its words in conjunction with their syntactic structure - breaks down with metaphors
  10. predicates
    verbs which describe the state of affairs between individuals, nouns and adjectives, also describe indivuals
  11. argument
    individuals involved in the relation
  12. agent
    the one who performs and action
  13. theme
    the person or thing that undergoes an action
  14. location
    where the action takes place
  15. goal
    the place to which an action is directed
  16. source
    the place from which an action originates
  17. instrument
    the means by which the action is performed
  18. experiencer
    one who perceives or feels something
  19. causative
    a natural force that causes a change
  20. posessor
    one who possess something
  21. recipient
    one who receives something
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