Anatomy lab

  1. what are the four types of Papillae located on the tongue?
    • Filiform
    • Fungiform
    • Vallate
    • Foliate
  2. Which of the four types of Papillae are the largest?
    The Foliate and vallate papillae
  3. Where is the Foliate papilla?
    Sides of the tongue
  4. Where is the Filiform papilla?
    Anterior two-thirds of the tongue
  5. Where is the fungiform papilla?
    anterior part of the tongue;most numerous at the tip
  6. Where is the Vallate(Circumvallate) papilla?
    Posterior part of the tongue along the sulcus terminalis
  7. What is Olfaction?
  8. The olfactory receptor cells compose the ____________?
    Olfactory nerves
  9. The axons of the olfactory nerves travel through the __________________?
    Cribriform foramina
  10. What is the tract the sense of smell travels through?
    olfactory tract
  11. The retina of the eye is also referred to as the ___________?
    Neural tunic
  12. Axons from neurons within the retina travel to the brain through the ___________?
    Optic nerve
  13. What does Equilibrium means?
    the sense of balance
  14. What are the two Special sensory organs responsible for balance and hearing?
    Semicircular ducts, cochlea
  15. What is the function of the ciliary body?
    To suspend the lens of the eye
  16. what is the cavity anterior to the lens?
    the Anterior Chamber
  17. The anterior chamber is filled with a clear, watery fluid called __________?
    aqueous humor
  18. The _____________ is the link between the external-ear and the middle-ear cavities.
    tympanic membrance
  19. The ___________ is the link between the middle-ear and the inner-ear cavities.
    oval window
  20. What are the contours of the outer ear?
  21. What are the three parts of the auditory ossicles?
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