Language Acquisition

  1. According to Noam Chomsky, who conceived it, the "system of principles, conditions, rules that are elements or properties of all human languages."
    Universal grammar
  2. Level 1 acquisition of phonemes
    Native language
  3. Critical period for language acquisition
    7 months
  4. When a child learns a foreign language at the same rate as a native language
    3-7 years
  5. Diminishing capacity for learning a foreign language
  6. Partial or total inability either to convey ideas in language or to understand language as a result of damage to the brain
  7. Aphasia caused by damage to Broca's area (front) in which a speaker finds it impossible to form comprehensible sentences. Can still understand
    Broca's aphasia
  8. Aphasia caused by damage to Wernicke's area, because of which a speaker finds it difficult to understand speech. Can speak fluidly but it makes no sense
    Wernicke's aphasia
  9. Exchange of (usually) initial sounds in a series of two or more words. "Sew you to your sheet."
  10. Verbal slip in which a similar word is substituted for an intended one. "The pineapple of intelligence" (when "pinnacle" was the intended word.)
  11. Verbal slip in which a latter sound accidentally also occurs earlier than it should in a word or phrase
  12. Verbal slip in which an earlier sound is also accidentally retained in a later prosition. ex "big bilch" when "big belch" was intended
  13. Dyslexia in which language users subsitute synonyms or words phonologically similar to those that are intended
    Deep dyslexia
  14. Dyslexia in which speakers struggle to read unfamiliar or nonsense words aloud
    Phonological dyslexia
  15. Dyslexia in which speakers have trouble reading words with irregular spellings
    Surface dyslexia
  16. Damage to the brain causes a person to lose the ability to read. AKA Alexia
    Acquired Dyslexia
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