vocab chap. 12&13

  1. aborigines
    one of the earilist known inhabitaions of a country or region
  2. cash crop
    any crop considered easily marketable
  3. concessions
    econimc rights given to foreign powers
  4. direct rule
    S.O.G. where central government controls state/provenices
  5. econmic dependence
    less devolped national trade cotrolled by developed nation
  6. extraterritoriality
    right to live under own laws and be tired in their own court
  7. homogeneous society
    common culture and language that gave strong unity
  8. indeminity
    protection/security against damage and loss
  9. imperialism
    domination by one country over politival agricultral and cultrual life of another country
  10. indigenous
    originating in a particular region/country; native
  11. indirect rule
    rulers children get western education.. locals govern themselves
  12. Jihad
    holy war undertaken as sacred muslim duty
  13. maoris
    natives of new zealand desendents of polinisain sea feering people
  14. open door policy
    policy to keep trade open to all
  15. penal colonyu
    place to send people convicted of a crime
  16. protectorate
    clonial rule type of indirect rule
  17. regionalism
    lolalty to local area
  18. sphere of influence
    outside power claims exclusive investment and trading privalages
  19. westernization
    synonmis with modernization
  20. zaibatsu
    powerful, banking and industrial famlies
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