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  1. Depressing the Recorder Ground Control switch to AUTO will:
    Turn on the CVR, DFDR, and the QAR.
  2. Pressing the EVAC COMMAND pushbutton with the CAPT/PURS switch set to CAPT will:
    In the cockpit: sounds a horn and causes the EVAC light to flash. In the cabin: EVAC lights flash at FWD and aft attendant panels and an EVAC tone sounds.
  3. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) retains the last _____ hours.
  4. The cockpit voice recorder can be erased by:
    Pressing the CVR ERASE button for 2 seconds when the aircraft is on the ground and the parking brake is ON.
  5. The CVR is energized automatically:
    1. In flight 2. On the ground after the first engine start 3. On the ground during the first five minutes after the aircraft electrical network is energized.
  6. The SEL indicator glows white/amber on both RMPs when a transceiver normally associated with one RMP is tuned by another.
  7. What does the Cabin Inter-communication Data Sytem (CIDS) do?
    It transmits, controls, and processes signals for the following cabin systems: cabin and service interphone, passenger address, passenger lighted sign, reading lights, general cabin illumination, emergency evacuation signalling, and lavatory smoke indication.
  8. What does the ON VOICE button of the ACP do?
    This key allows the flight crew to inhibit the audio navigation signals (VOR, ADF). Pressing this key filters out IDENT signals and turns on the green ON light.
  9. What happens when you transmit on either VHF or HF for greater than 30 seconds? 60 seconds?:
    After 30 seconds you get an aural interrupted beep for 5 seconds. After 60 seconds you get an ECAM stating VHF or HF EMITTING.
  10. What is the purpose of the NAV pushbutton switch (with transparent switch guard) on each RMP?
    The pilot presses this key to be able to select navigation receivers and courses through the RMP. It does not affect the selection of communication radios and their frequencies.
  11. Which VHF radio(s) do(es) the first officer's RMP tune?
    All VHF radios installed.
  12. With the CAPT/PURS switch in the CAPT position, EVAC commands may only be activated from the cockpit. If one of the cabin CMD pushbuttons is pressed, only the cockpit horn sounds for 3 seconds.
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