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  1. At what altitude is the red autoland warning light armed?
    Below 200 feet RA.
  2. Autoland is permitted on CAT I runways.
    True, subject to several constraints.
  3. Autoland is permitted on contaminated runways.
  4. Can the rudder be manually trimmed with the autopilot engaged?
  5. CAT II and CAT III AUTOLAND are approved in:
    CONF 3 and CONF FULL.
    Is not approved for normal JetBlue operations.
  7. Does one FMGC act as the master while the other acts as slave?
  8. How is A/THR activation confirmed?
    When A/THR is displayed in Column Five of the FMA.
  9. How is an OPEN DESCENT selected?
    By pulling the ALTITUDE knob.
  10. How is the autothrust usually armed on the ground?
    By setting the thrust levers at the FLX or TOGA detent when the engines are running.
  11. How is TOGA LK cancelled?
    By disconnecting the autothrust.
  12. If GPS function is lost, is navigation accuracy immediately downgraded?
    No, only when EPE (estimated Possition error) exceeds RNP (required navigation performance).
  13. If NAV MODE is not engaged, at what altitude does RWY TRK mode engage on takeoff?
    30 feet RA.
  14. If one engine is inoperative, it is not permitted to use the autopilot to perform NPAS in the following modes:
    FINAL APP, NAV V/S, NAV/FPA. Only Flight Director Use is Permitted.
  15. If the ND indicates winds on approach that exceed those allowed for automatic landings:
    The approach may be continued as tower winds are controlling.
  16. Is it possible for G/S capture before the localizer has captured?
  17. NAV mode may be used in the terminal area, provided:
    1. High Accuracy is displayed, and the appropriate RNP is checked or entered on the MCDU. 2. NAVAID raw data is monitored. 3. GPS Primary is available.
  18. Single engine CAT II and CAT III FAIL PASSIVE autoland are only approved in configuration(s):
  19. The minimum alert height for CAT III operations is:
    100 FT.
  20. The minimum height for autopilot use in cruise is:
    500 FT AGL.
  21. The minimum height for autopilot use on a circling approach is:
    MDA - 100 FT.
  22. The minimum height for autopilot use on a straight-in non-precision approach is:
    Applicable MDA.
  23. The minimum height for autopilot use on an ILS approach with CAT 1 displayed on the FMA is:
    160 FT AGL.
  24. The minimum height for autopilot use on go-around (AP or FD engagement) is:
    100 FT AGL.
  25. The minimum height for use of autopilot on takeoff with SRS mode is:
    100 AGL.
  26. What are the main functions of the FACs?
    Yaw, flight envelope, low energy warning and windshear detection.
  27. What happens if the INSTINCTIVE DISCONNECT pushbuttons are pushed and held for more than 15 seconds?
    The autothrust system is disconnected for the remainder of the flight, including ALPHA FLOOR protection.
  28. What is ALPHA FLOOR?
    A protection that commands TOGA thrust regardless of the thrust lever position.
  29. What is indicated by the low energy warning (Speed, Speed, Speed)?
    With Configuration 2 or above set, thrust must be increased to recover a positive flight angle.
  30. What is the function of the LOC pushbutton?
    Arms, engages, or disengages the LOC mode.
  31. What is the normal mode of FMGC operation?
  32. What is TOGA LOCK?
    This is the condition that exists after the aircraft leaves ALPHA FLOOR conditions, TOGA thrust is frozen and thrust lever movement has no effect unless autothrust is disconnected.
  33. What mode reversion occurs with the loss of the NAV MODE when CLB or DES is engaged?
    If in CLB, OP CLB engages; if in DES, V/S engages.
  34. When is the autothrust activated after takeoff?
    When the thrust levers are retarded to the CL detent.
  35. When is the autothrust armed during takeoff?
    When the thrust levers are advanced to either FLEX or TOGA.
  36. When is the low energy warning (Speed, Speed, Speed) available?
    Only with FLAPS 2, 3, or FULL, above 100' RA, below 2000' RA, and TOGA not selected.
  37. Which of the following will not result in the autopilot disengaging?
    Failure of the flight directors.
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