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  1. After _____ starter motor duty cycles, wait _____ before attempting _____ more cycles.
    3, 60 minutes, 3
  2. After depressing the APU MASTER pushbutton, the START pushbutton is pressed. At this time, the START pushbutton illumintes blue. Following ECB logic, what does this mean?
    The APU starter is energized when the flap is completely open.
  3. If an APU fire occurs on the ground, will the APU shut down automatically?
  4. If the boost pumps in the left tank were off, or battery power is the only source of power, how would the APU obtain fuel?
    An APU fuel pump starts automatically. The left fuel feed line supplies the APU.
  5. May the APU be operated on the ground without pilot supervision?
  6. The APU START pushbutton green AVAIL light signifies what?
    The APU N is above 99.5% or 2 seconds after N reaches 95%
  7. What are some causes for an APU automatic shutdown?
    1. No acceleration, no speed, no flame, inlet overheat, loss of overspeed protection, underspeed. 2. Reverse flow, low oil pressure, high oil temperature, DC power loss (BAT OFF when A/C is on batteries only), ECB failure. 3. Fire (ground only), air inlet flap not open, overspeed, DC power loss (BAT OFF when A/C is on batteries only), EGT,overtemp.
  8. What does the APU ECAM, LOW OIL LEVEL indicate?
    This is an advisory that is displayed if the ECB detects a low APU oil level when the aircraft is on the ground and the APU is not running.
  9. What is the indication of minimum APU oil level ECAM advisory displayed before start?
    APU level indicator at LOW OIL LEVEL.
  10. When an APU auto shutdown has occurred, what other local indications are received in addition to the ECAM procedure?
    The amber APU MASTER SW bushbutton fault light illuminates.
  11. When the LOW OIL LEVEL message appears on the ECAM APU page, sufficient oil is available to operate the APU for the next _____ hours
    • 10
    • When would the APU MASTER pushbutton FAULT light illuminate?
    • The FAULT light illuminates amber when an automatic shutdown occurs.
  12. Where does the APU receive its fuel supply?
    Left fuel feed lines.
  13. Where is the fuel provided for the APU?
    Left fuel manifold
  14. Where will the APU receive fuel if the tank boost pumps are off and the XFEED pushbutton is off?
    A dedicated APU boost pump.
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