Exploration flash cards part 2

  1. Explored the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississipp River.
    Hernando de Soto 1539
  2. People of Spain who make laws for the new world.
    Council of the Indies
  3. Found Brazil for Portugal.
    Pedro Cabral 1500
  4. Found New York harbor.
    Giouannilda Verrazano 1524
  5. Claimed the entire in land region surrounding Mississippi River from France.
    Robert la Salle 1682
  6. Founded and started a colony in Quebec, Canada.
    Samuel de Champlain: 1608
  7. Claimed the upper Mississippi River for France.
    Fatner Marquette and Louis Jolliet 1672
  8. Founded Montreal, Canada.
    Jacques Cartier
  9. Explored the southwest desert of present day USE, sited the Grand Canyon, and the Great Plains.
    Francisco Vasquez de Coronadoirsao
  10. Mexican conquistador, defeated Montezuma, and founded present day Mexico from Spain.
    Herman Cortes 1519
  11. Tenochtitlan fell on this date.
    August 13, 1521
  12. Goal for French and English exploring.
    • 1. Established oversea colonies
    • 2. Northwest passage
    • 3. Quick trade profit
    • 4. Raw materials
  13. First English colonies.
    Roanoke Colony ; lost colony
  14. English explorer that explored New England and Nova Scotia Canada.
    John Cabot 1497
  15. First permenent English colony.
    Jamestown, Virginia
  16. Name the Spanish colonial class system in order of higher to lower power.
    • 1. Peninsulares / full blood Spanish
    • 2. Credles / full blood Spanish born in the New World
    • 3. Mestizo / Spanish Indian people **
    • 3. Mulatto / black white guys **
    • 4. Indian and black slaves
  17. Founded the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina for England.
    Sir Walter Raleigh 1585
  18. English explorer who saved Jamestown, Virginia. pocahonics.
    John Smith 1607
  19. People who went to Massachusets on the mayflower in 1620 searching for large profit and freedom of religion.
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