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  1. Who saw Jesus' glory
    Who saw Jesus' glory and spoke about him? / Isaiah / John 12:41
  2. Who saw Jesus passing
    Who saw Jesus passing by? / John / John 1:36
  3. Who saw Jesus standing
    Who saw Jesus standing there? / Mary Magdalene / John 20:14
  4. Who saw Mary
    Who saw Mary weeping? / Jesus / John 11:33
  5. Who saw Nathanael approaching?
    Who saw Nathanael approaching? / Jesus / John 1:47
  6. Who saw Nathanael under
    Who saw Nathanael under the fig tree? / Jesus / John 1:50
  7. Who saw Nathanael while
    Who saw Nathanael while he was still under the fig tree before Philip called him? / Jesus / John 1:48
  8. Who saw that his
    Who saw that his disciples wanted to ask him about this? / Jesus / John 16:19
  9. Who saw that some
    Who saw that some of his disciples wanted to ask him about this? / Jesus / John 16:19
  10. Who saw that the disciple
    Who saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following Jesus and him? / Peter / John 21:20
  11. Who saw that the stone
    Who saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance? / Mary Magdalene / John 20:1
  12. Who saw the burial
    Who saw the burial cloth that had been around Jesus' head? / Simon Peter / John 20:6-7
  13. Who saw the disciple
    Who saw the disciple whom he loved standing nearby? / Jesus / John 19:26
  14. Who saw the Jews
    Who saw the Jews who had come along with Mary also weeping? / Jesus / John 11:33
  15. Who saw the miraculous signs Jesus had
    Who saw the miraculous signs Jesus had performed on the sick? / a great crowd of people / John 6:2
  16. Who saw the miraculous signs Jesus was
    Who saw the miraculous signs Jesus was doing and believed in his name? / many people / John 2:23
  17. Who saw the Spirit
    Who saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on Jesus? / John / John 1:32
  18. Who saw the strips
    Who saw the strips of linen lying there as well as the burial cloth that had been around Jesus' head? / Simon Peter / John 20:6-7
  19. Who saw the two
    Who saw the two disciples following and asked, "What do you want?" / Jesus / John 1:38
  20. Who saw two
    Who saw two angels in white? / Mary / John 20:12
  21. Who saw where
    Who saw where Jesus was staying, and spent that day with him? / The two disciples (John's) / John 1:39
  22. Who says elsewhere,
    Who says elsewhere, "He has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn - and I would heal them"? / Isaiah / John 12:39-40
  23. Who says these
    Who says these things while he is still in the world? / Jesus / John 17:13
  24. Who scattered
    Who scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables? / Jesus / John 2:15
  25. Who secretly
    Who secretly was a disciple of Jesus? / Joseph of Arimathea / John 19:38
  26. Who seeks glory?
    Who seeks glory? / the judge / John 8:50
  27. Who seeks to
    Who seeks to please him who sent him? / Jesus / John 5:30
  28. Who sees by
    Who sees by this world's light? / A man who walks by day / John 11:9
  29. Who sees the
    Who sees the one who sent Jesus? / A man who looks at Jesus / John 12:45
  30. Who seized
    Who seized Jesus? / No one / John 8:20
  31. Who sent for
    Who sent for the blind man's parents? / The Jews / John 9:18
  32. Who sent his disciples
    Who sent his disciples to reap what they have not worked for? / Jesus/ John 4:38
  33. Who sent his Son
    Who sent his Son into the world to save the world through him? / God/ John 3:17
  34. Who sent Jesus into
    Who sent Jesus into the world? / The Father / John 17:18
  35. Who sent Jesus to
    Who sent Jesus to Caiaphas the high priest? / Annas / John 18:24
  36. Who sent Jesus?
    Who sent Jesus? / The Father / John 14:24
  37. Who sent priests
    Who sent priests and Levites to ask John who he was? / The Jews of Jerusalem / John 1:19
  38. Who sent temple
    Who sent temple guards to arrest Jesus? / The chief priests and the Pharisees / John 7:32
  39. Who sent the
    Who sent the Son? / The Father / John 5:23
  40. Who sent word
    Who sent word to Jesus, "Lord, the one you love is sick"? / The sisters / John 11:3
  41. Who served
    Who served at a dinner given in Jesus' honor? / Martha / John 12:2
  42. Who set
    Who set off across the lake for Capernaum? / Jesus' disciples / John 6:17
  43. Who shall drink
    Who shall drink the cup the Father has given him? / Jesus / John 18:11
  44. Who shall have
    Who shall have eternal life? / Whoever believes in God's one and only´┐ŻSon / John 3:16
  45. Who shall never
    Who shall never perish? / Jesus' sheep / John 10:28
  46. Who shall not
    Who shall not perish but have eternal life? / Whoever believes in God's one and only Son / John 3:16
  47. Who shall see greater
    Who shall see greater things than that? / Nathanael / John 1:50
  48. Who shall see heaven
    Who shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man? / Nathanael / John 1:51
  49. Who should at
    Who should at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves? / Jesus' disciples / John 14:11
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