poli chapter 11

  1. open-seat election
    An election in which there is no incumbent officeholder
  2. partisan
    A committed member of a party; seeing issues from the point of view of the interests of a single party
  3. constituency
    the district of a legislator
  4. constituent
    A citizen who lives in the district of an elected official
  5. franking privilege
    Public subsidization of mail from the members of Congress to their constituents
  6. casework
    services performed by members of Congress for constituents
  7. pork
    Also called pork barrel; projects designed to bringto the constituency jobs and public money for which the members of Congress canclaim credit.
  8. party conference
    An organization of the members of a political party in the House or Senate
  9. caucus
    A regional,ethnic, racial or economic subgroup within the House or Senate. Also used to describe the party in the Houseand Senate as in Republican caucus.
  10. seniority
    The principle that one attains a position on the basis of length of service
  11. ranking minority member
    The highest ranking member of the minority party on acongressional committee
  12. unanimous consent
    Legislative action taken “without objection” as a way toexpedite business; used to conduct much of the business of the Senate
  13. oversight
    Congressionalresponsibility for monitoring the actions of executive branch agencies andpersonnel to ensure conformity to federal statutes and congressional intent
  14. impeachment
    House actionbringing formal charges against a member of the executive branch on the federaljudiciary that may or may not lead to removal from office by the Senate
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