ch 20 keywords

  1. a natural product used for improved structure and function of the body including herbs, vitamins, minerals, and any other product sold as a dietary supplement
    dietary supplement
  2. DSHEA
    dietary supplement health and education act of 1994
  3. EO
    essential oils used in many antigingivitis mouth rinses
  4. GMP
    good manufacturing practices
  5. cGMP
    current good manufacturing practices, updated in 2007
  6. SN/AEMS
    special nutritionals adverse event monitoring system
  7. SJW- an herb used to treat mild depression
    saint john's wort
  8. derived from plant sources
  9. the process by which one or more active ingredients of an herb are identified, and all batches of the herb produced by a single manufacturer contains the same amount of active ingredient specified on the label
  10. product recommendations are determined by the level of evidence available from clinical studies
    evidence based medicine
  11. an extract from the aloe vera leaf that has immodulating properties
    acemannan hydrogel
  12. OTC product that has been used for decades as a topical analgesic for dental pain
    oil of cloves
  13. an herb based substance that has been shown to produce a statistically significant reduction in plaque and gingivitis when compared to a placebo dentrifice
  14. combined extracts incorporated into biodegradable chips and inserted into the sulcus following scrp
    centella asiatica and punica granatum
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