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  1. Three sided shape
    triangle (triangular)
  2. a four sided shape
    square (rectangular)
  3. five sided shape
    Pentagon (Pentagonal)
  4. 6 sided shape
    Hexagon (hexagonal)
  5. 7 sided shape
    heptagon (heptagonal)
  6. 8 sided shape
    octagon (octagonal)
  7. 9 sided shape
    nonagon (nonagonal)
  8. 10 sided shape
    dodecagon (dodecagonal)
  9. finding area of a circle
    (R)2 x π for FULL circle
  10. find area of triangle
    height x base = answer ÷ 2
  11. Prism
    A 3-D shape with 2 bases and the rest rectangles
  12. A quadrilateral
    A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon with four angles.
  13. Regular prism
    has regular polygons as bases
  14. Regular Pyramid
    has a regular polygon as its base. its other sides (faces) and triangles
  15. _______Hedron
    any 3-D shape
  16. tetragon
    four side shape
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