Cisco IOS

  1. Descripton of User Mode.
    This is the initial mode you access when you log into the Cisco IOS device. Limited access: view information such as interface status, router uptime ad IOS version. Security-related info are disabled in this mode.
  2. Description of Privileged Mode.
    This mode allows you to view the full configuration of the Cisco IOS device and provides access to troubleshooting and testing utilities such as debug commands. This is the only mode which allows you to save your IOS configuration.
  3. Description of Global Confiruation Mode.
    • You can change global settings on the Cisco IOS device. Some examples are:
    • Name of the IOS device,
    • A logon banner and
    • Privileged mode password.
    • Also you can access any of the sub-configuration modes.
  4. Description of Interface/Line/Router/Other Configuration Modes
    While in Global Mode, you have access to the sub-configuration modes. These modes give you an interface to configure specific aspects of the router or switch. Example, you can configure an indiviaul interface by moving into Interface configuration mode.
  5. IOS prompt
    <hostname><mode> = host name of the device and the mode you are currently accessing.
  6. User Mode
    RouterA> (note the > symbol indicates user mode)
  7. Privileged Mode
    RouterA# (note the # symbol indicates privileged mode)
  8. Global Configuration Mode
  9. Interface Configuration Mode
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Cisco IOS
Cisco IOS