MH3 Test 4

  1. Internationale Ferienkurse fu:r Neue Musik, Darmstadt
    • Famous music festival in Germany
    • Founded by Wolfgang Steinecke, wealthy musicologist
    • Premiered many pieces there
  2. Donaueschinger Musiktage
  3. Wolfgang Steinecke
    Founded the Internationale Ferienkurse fu:r Neue Musik, Darmstadt
  4. Hindmeith
    • Championed as the hero of the avant Garde
    • His music began to be rewarded and subsidized by the govermnet
    • By 1948, his music faded from prominence, and wasn't played at the Internationale Fereinkurse for a long while
    • They turned to Webern's music instead
    • Considered politically neutral
    • Music for Music's sake
  5. Olivier Messiaen
    • Several important works that led to "total serialism" were presented in Darmstadt
    • Wrote Mode de valeurs et d'intensite's
    • Teacher of Pierre Boulez
    • Was kind of a one time thing
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