spinal segment

  1. purpose of MMT
    • determine intactness of spinal segments
    • determine motor or functional level; goal planning
    • determine complete vs incomplete injury from MMT results
  2. myotome
    • the muscle mass innervated by the motor axon of a single spinal nerve root
    • most muscles are innervated by more than one spinal segment
  3. spinal injury
    • loss or impairment of motor and/or sensory function below the neurological level
    • motor loss in myotomes and sensory loss in dermatome pattern
  4. peripheral nerve injury
    • loss or impairment of motor and/or sensory function at or distal to site of injury along the distribution of peripheral nerve
    • specife UE/LE muscle groups
  5. spinal injury grading
    • complete or incomplete
    • incomplete: motor or sensory
    • incomplete motor: functional or nonfunctional
    • tetraplegia (quadriplegia C8 or above) paraplegia (T1 and below)
  6. motor index
    10 key muscles
    • NO key muscles for the head, neck, and trunk
    • 5 upper extremity muscles
    • C5- biceps brachii
    • C6- ECRL and ECRB
    • C7- triceps
    • C8- flexor digitorum profundus
    • T1- abductor digiti minimi
    • 5 lower extremity muscles
    • L2- illiopsoas
    • L3- quadriceps femoris
    • L4- anterior tibilalis
    • L5- extensor hallicus longus
    • S1- gastrocs; soleus
  7. dermatome
    • region of skin supplied by the sensory axon of a single spinal nerve root
    • used to determine motor function in segments not represented by a key muscle
    • motor function is assumed intact from normal sensation (light touch and sharp dull both have to be norm to imply norm motor R&L)
  8. motor level
    • determines functional prognosis, basis for treatment planning
    • most caudal segment with at a least a FAIR (3) muscle grade
    • critical functional difference based on intactness of only one more caudal segment
  9. very imporant to due in MMT
    • position- assign correct grade antigravity vs gravity eliminated
    • stabilize- muscle will appear weaker if not stabilized properly
    • palpate-
    • check full ROM- will affect determination of motor level
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