dental materials

  1. how long is a provisional restoartion in the mouth?
    2-3 weeks
  2. why is a provisional used in the anteriors?
  3. if a tooth is prepped and no provisional is placed what will happen?
    tooth migration within DAYS
  4. what happens if a provisional is too high?
    results in occlusal trauma
  5. if the provisional is overcontoured what happens?
    it does not allow for self cleansing
  6. what happens if a provisional is undercountoured?
    force food into gingiva
  7. a well _____ provisional with good ____ will protect from margin _____ and marginal ____ of bacteria and oral fluids
    • adapted
    • margins
    • fracture
    • leakage
  8. what can cause irritation of the periodontal tissues?
    over contoured, overextended and overhanging margins
  9. what could irriation of the periodontal tissues result in?
    gingival recession
  10. how long are provisional materials recommended for?
    2-3 weeks
  11. what provisional material is used for intracoronal use only?
    cements (SEDATIVE filling)
  12. what is used most often for pedo crowns?
    stainless steel
  13. what is the most esthetic crown?
  14. t/f preformed crowns are used for single tooth and bridges
    false! single tooth only!
  15. SSC crowns must be _____ and ____ at contacts and margins with contouring pliers
    crimped and contoured
  16. celluloid and polymer crowns usually require what?
    reline of acrylic or composite resins
  17. what is the choice for template material of customized provisionals?
    vacuum formed plastic
  18. what type of technique uses a template of the tooth taken before the prep?
  19. do acrylic provisionals have high or low shrinkages?
  20. why might a pt complain about acrylic provisionals?
    heat release and odor release
  21. what must be done to the acrylic provisional to prevent heat buildup?
    pump it! LOUDER! pump it!
  22. what is done to prevent locking of the acrylic material to the tooth
    PUMP IT!
  23. t/f heat from the acrylic provisionals can kill tooth pulp
    true true
  24. what type of provisional material has low shrinkage and heat release during curing?
    composite provisional
  25. what type of provisional material has good strength, less wear and biocompatible?
    composite provisional
  26. if a resin cement is used on a final restoration what material cannot be used as an intracoronal cement?
    Zinc Oxide Eugenol ZOE
  27. what is used for palliative sesitivity or trauma as an intracoronal cement?
    zine oxide eugenol ZOE
  28. what are the limitations of a provisional?
    esthetics: imperfect color, anatomic contours and smoothness is poor
  29. how should the pt be instructed to floss their provisional?
    pull floss through not up and out
  30. what can be used to reseat the provisional until a DDS can recement?
    denture adhesive
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