Geography-Population-Miration case study

  1. Advantages of leaving Turkey
    • reduces pressure on jobs and resources
    • lower birth rate as people of child bearing age leave
    • Money may be sent back to village
  2. disadvantages of leaving Turkey
    • people of working age leave
    • Less people with skills and an education
    • mainly males who migrate
    • Elderly population is left
  3. Advantage of moving to Germany
    • Labour shortage is solved, especially in poor jobs
    • Cheaper labour for less desirable jobs
    • Cultural advantages e.g. new food
    • migrants tend to be skilled and economically active
  4. Disadvantages of moving to Germany
    • Resentment towards turks when unemployment rises
    • Turks do not mix
    • Turks feel discriminated against
    • migrants may be a drain on local services
    • Migrants are mainly male
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Geography-Population-Miration case study
Geography-Population-Miration case study