Great depretion

  1. What changes did the economic boom bring
    new bussineses, jobs, goods, money, and mass production
  2. who was henry ford
    henery ford was the person who invented cars
  3. what was mass prduction
    mass production is when lots of one product are made at once
  4. name the two challanges in the 1920 's
    they faced predjudice ( women and minorities), Klu-kluxs - klan spread hatred, 18 ammendment proibition caused violence and illegal activities, farmers struggled after world war 1 the allies didn't need their food as much. Farming prices fell.
  5. what is the 19 ammendment
    women got the right to vote
  6. 18th ammendment
    alcohol prohibition
  7. what is the 21 ammendment
    the 18th amendment was repealed alcohol was allowed again
  8. the great depression
    began in the 1920 's - slow down of economy - affected even wealthy people, many unemployed
  9. List some of the causes of the great depression.
    Many people were in debt ,banks failed , banks could no longer loan money, great drought in the plains added to farming problems
  10. some effects of the great depression
    shannty towns - houses made of cardboard, some people had to eat at soup kitchens, some immigrants had to return to Mexico because of lack of farming jobs
  11. how did people feel about president Hoover
    People blamed him for the great depression, shanty towns called Hoovervilles, he did not believe in government playing a big role in citizen lives
  12. What event put an end to the prosperity of the 1920's.
    On October 29th 1929, the stock market crashed (Black Tuesday)
  13. What is the difference between an economic boom and an economic bust.
    • Economic boom - everyone has money, spending money, good economic times
    • Economic bust - high unemployment, little money, banks fail, poor economic times
  14. What was the Dust bowl?
    a time when there was big dust storms that swept throughout the plains and ruined the crops. Top soil carried away in the wind.

    a drought and poor farming practices led to the dust bowl. Too much grass was removed with farming and animals eating it and that caused topsoil to be carried away in the wind.
  15. How did the dust bowl affect farmers and americans?
    Farmers struggled, crops failed, many people had to migrate West in search of farming jobs.
  16. Compare and contrast President Hoover and President Roosevelt?
    President Hoover didn't believe in big government and government intervention into economics. He thought the

    President Roosevelt thought the government had a duty to act to improve economic times...he came up with the New Deal.
  17. List at least 4 of Roosevelts New Deal programs. - Explain them
    • TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority - Made Dams creating hydroelectric power
    • ccc- civilian consevation corps created jobs and protected resources
    • wpa- the works progress administration- they built roads,library's,and schools
    • social security act - provides money for people over 65
  18. what is the tennesse valley athority?
    a new deal prgram that created dams for hydro eletric power
  19. why was prestident roosevelt so embraced by the people
    he gave people hope because he created jobs he served 3 terms
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