SU Level 5 Chapter 22

  1. 보쌈김치
    kimchi wrapped in a large cabbage leaf like bundle
  2. 설렁탕
    Korean beef soup with rice
  3. 옥돔
    tile fish
  4. 구이
    roasted meat; fish baked with seasoning
  5. 고소하다
    taste like roasted sesame
  6. 구수하다
    taste good; smell good like
  7. 담백하다
    not greasy or fatty
  8. 느끼하다
    greasy, fatty
  9. 얼큰하다
    taste somehwhat peppery; hot
  10. 매콤하다
    somewhat hot, peppery
  11. 새콤하다
    a bit sour
  12. 달콤핟
  13. 채를 썰다
    to cut inot long and slim pieces
  14. 다지다
    to mince; to chop
  15. 절이다
    to preserve with salt
  16. 데치다
    to boil slightly
  17. 조리다
    to boil down in sauce
  18. 볶다
    to pan broil
  19. 부치다
    to fry
  20. 굽다
    to roast, broil, bake
  21. 무치다
    to season vegetables with some condiments
  22. 고명
  23. 얹다
    to place (a thing) on
  24. 어우러지다
    to be joined together; to harmonize
  25. 일품
    top quality
  26. 육회
    a dish of minced raw beef
  27. 숙주나물
    green-bean sprouts
  28. 도라지
    roots of broad bellflowers
  29. 고사리
  30. 진간장
    nicely aged soy sauce
  31. 후춧가루
    ground pepper
  32. 가늘다
    thin, slender, slim
  33. 찢다
    to tear, to rip
  34. 억세다
    strong; tough
  35. 줄기
  36. 두께
  37. 반달
    half moon
  38. 물기
    moisture; wetness
  39. 짜다
    to squeeze
  40. 두르다
    to spread oil (on a pan)
  41. 달구다
    to make hot; to heat
  42. seasoning with salt
  43. 배다
    to soak
  44. 결들이다
    to garnish; to add
  45. 지단
    fried egg whites and yellow for food decoration
  46. 선호도
    preference ration
  47. 열풍
    a "craze"; lit: a hot wind or hot air
  48. 도화지
    drawing paper
  49. Korean style fried food
  50. Vietnamese rice noodle
  51. 향채
  52. 오코노마야키
    herb with strong incense
  53. 야키 소바
    Japanese noodle
  54. 해산물
    sea food
  55. 반죽
  56. 마파두부
    mapa-tofu; Chinese dish
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