PreHA Questions

  1. Question 1
    It was really fun when our family went …
  2. Question 2
    When I feel angry I …
  3. Question 3
    Who would you like to invite to our house for supper?
  4. Question 4
    When I fell disappointed I …
  5. Question 5
    Where is “home”?
  6. Question 6
    When I fell lonely I …
  7. Question 7
    When I feel happy I …
  8. Question 8
    When I feel excited I …
  9. Question 9
    Sometimes I wish I would never have to _________ because …
  10. Question 10
    The first thing I would do if I were back in my home country would be to…
  11. Question 11
    Right now my friends back in my home country are probably …
  12. Question 12
    If you had all the time & money you needed, what would you most like to do? Why?
  13. Question 13
    Where do you feel like you belong? Why?
  14. Question 14
    What are the things that make you feel happy? (or sad, worried, afraid, angry) Why?
  15. Question 15
    Who do you miss the most from your home country? Write a letter to that person.
  16. Question 16
    What is the best thing about being an TCK (or being an m … for parents)?
  17. Question 17
    What cultural differences do you notice between the field and your home country?
  18. Question 19
    Are there cultural cues you’re unsure of? What can you do about the things you’re unsure of?
  19. Question 19
    What is the hardest thing about being a TCK or m?
  20. Question 20
    When I feel discouraged I …
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PreHA Questions
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