1. Indications for sildenafil?
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Pulmonary arterial hypertension
  2. Precautions of sildenafil?
    Migraine - can induce migraines

    Treatment with drugs that can cause hypotension - alpha blockers. Start with a low dose.
  3. Contraindications of sildenafil
    Treatment with other nitrates

    Treatment with drugs that can cause hypotension
  4. Side effects of sildenafil?
    • Rash, diarrhoea, UTIs
    • Tachycardia, hypotension
    • Headache, dizziness, flushing
  5. Dosage of sildenafil?
    Take ~ 1 hour prior to sexual activity

    Start with 50mg and increase to 100mg or decrease to 25mg depending on response

    If elderly or taking ketoconazole, erythromycin or itraconazole, consider starting with 25mg
  6. counselling for sildenafil and tadalafil?
    if you take with food it may take longer to work

    Ask if they are already taking any nitrates/blood pressure medications - may additionally lower blood pressure

    This medication may cause visual disturbances

    Avoid taking prazosin within 4 hours of taking sildenafil
  7. Adverse effects of tadalafil?
    • headache lasting 3-8 hours
    • Backpain
    • Muscle aches

    Sewlling of eyes, visual problems
  8. Doseage for tadalafil?
    • Take 30 minutes - 12 hours before sexual activity and no more than one dose daily.
    • Start with 10mg and increase upto 20mg or down to 5mg depending on response.

    If required at least twice a week, take 2.5-5mg once daily
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