personality disorders

  1. paranoid personality disorder
    • distrust and suspiciousness of everyone
    • expect to be mistreated by others
    • pathological jealousy
    • not as impaired
    • these people think that others are out to get them
  2. schizoid personality disorder
    • detatched social relationships
    • shows little emotion
    • little interest in others
    • no close friends
    • solitary hobbies
    • don't care for praise or criticism
  3. schizotypal personality disorder
    • lack of social skills;very high social anxiety
    • anxious around othesr
    • lacks close relationships
    • odd beliefs that are based on superstitions
    • unclear speech
    • lack of personal hygene
  4. antisocial personality disorder
    • closest to being a danger to others
    • disregard for rights and safety for others
    • running away
    • theft
    • pathological lying;deceitful;lying
    • irritable and aggressive
    • little remorse
  5. boarderline personality disorder
    • instability and impulsivity in relationships
    • erratic sense of self
    • feelings abouit others switch erratically
    • impulsive behavior
    • abandonment issues
    • fears being alone (thinks suicide may be an answer)
  6. historonic personality disorder
    • dramatic;excessive emotionallity
    • need to be center of attention
    • self-centered
    • uses physical appearance for attention
    • overly obsessed with appearance
    • doesn't seem to have a true own opinion
    • hysterical crying over little things
    • honestly think that people want to be around them
  7. narcissistic personality disorder
    • grandiose self concept
    • seem charming until you get on their badside
    • high need of admiration
    • lacks empathy for others
    • takes advantage of others with a sense of entitlement
    • angry when criticized
    • have "lesser" friends (less beauty and success)
    • tends to have relationships with ppl of higher status
  8. avoidant personality disorder
    • social inhibitation
    • feels inadequate
    • intense fear of criticism
    • a lot of nervous system activity in social situations (ex: sweating)
    • huge inferiority complex
    • hard time making decisions
  9. dependant personality disorder
    • overreliance on others
    • lacks self confidence
    • needs help making really small decisions
    • not happy if alone
    • may stay in a bad relationship just to avoid being alone
    • may latch onto another person immediately
  10. cluster A disorders
    • odd and eccentric
    • paranoid personality disorder
    • schizoid personality disorder
    • schizotypal personality disorder
  11. obsessive compulsive disorder
    • preoccupations with order, rules, perfections
    • problem with time management
    • work oriented
    • can't make moderate to hard decisions due to overthinking of perfection
    • stubborn and rigid
    • hard to change moral
    • orderly hoarding
  12. cluster b
    • dramatic and erratic
    • antisocial personality disorder
    • borderline personality disorder
    • historonic personality disorder
    • narcissistic personality disorder
  13. cluster C
    • anxious and fearful
    • avoidant personality disorder
    • dependent personality disorder
    • obsessive compulsive personality disorder
  14. comorbidity
    When there are two or more personality disorders present in an individual
  15. personality disorder
    • pervasive, long standing ways of being that causes distress and impairment
    • diagnosed after the age of 18
    • must affect every aspect of life
    • must show deviant, dysfunctional, and damand/danger
  16. axis in DSM IV
    • axis I- clinical disorders
    • axis II personality disorders
    • axis III medical conditions
    • axis IV psychosocial issues (divorce, lossed loved one
    • axis V overall functioning
  17. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in trait approach
    disorders lie in the most extreme dimensions
  18. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in biological approach
    come from maladaptive genes or hormones
  19. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in psychodynamic approach
    extreme fixations
  20. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in humanistic approach
    extreme motives and needs
  21. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in behavioral approach
    odd behaviors
  22. personality disorders asmaladaptive variations in cognitive approach
    maladaptive thought processes, attitudes, and beliefs
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