Anthropology 1101

  1. Which of the following most characterizes anthropology among disciplines that studyhumans?

    E. It is holistic and comparative.
  2. Over time, how has human reliance on cultural means of adaptation changed?

    A. Humans have become increasingly more dependent on it.
  3. The presence of more efficient respiratory systems to extract oxygen from the air amonghuman populations living at high elevation is an example of what form of adaptation?

    A. long-term physiological adaptation
  4. The fact that anthropology focuses on both culture and biology

    D. allows it to address how culture influences biological traits and vice versa.
  5. 5. What are the four subdisciplines of anthropology?

    C. biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, andarchaeology.
  6. How are the four subfields of American anthropology unified?

    B. Each subfield studies human variation through time and space.
  7. What is ethnography?

    D. The fieldwork aspect of cultural anthropology.
  8. What term is synonymous with applied anthropologists?

    A. practicing anthropologists
  9. Which of the following is an example of cultural resource management?

    B. the emergency excavation and cataloging of a site that is about to be destroyed by a newhighway
  10. What is a disease?

    D. A scientifically described health threat.
  11. Why would companies designing and marketing products hire an anthropologist like the onesmentioned in your reading “Coming of Age in Palo Alto” and like Dr. Lucy Suchman whoworks for Xerox (in textbook)?

    B. to gain a better understanding of their customers in an increasingly multicultural world
  12. Non-western medicine does not maintain a sharp distinction between biological andpsychological illnesses.
  13. Anthropologists study only non-Western cultures.
  14. Ethnography is one of applied anthropology’s most valuable research tools.
  15. Biomedicine, which aims to link illness to scientifically demonstrated agents that bear nopersonal malice toward their victims, is an example of naturalistic medicine.
  16. Anthropology is unique among other social sciences in its emphasis on both holistic andcross-cultural perspectives.
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