Vocab 11-12

  1. Battuo, Battuere, Battui, Battuum
    • L
    • to beath, to knock
  2. Battery
    • A beating or pounding, esp. an unlawful beating, as in assualt and battery.
    • Buns or heavy artilley
    • A group of similar things used together.
  3. Battlement
    A defense wall with alternating high and low sections (often used in plural form)
  4. Abate
    To reduce in quantity or intensity;to subside; to diminish
  5. Bellum
    • L
    • War
  6. Bellicose
    Warlike;eager to fight
  7. Belligerent
    • A country or persons engaged in warfare of hostile action
    • Behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner; engaged in combat.
  8. Como, Comare, Comui, Comitum
    • L
    • to tame, to subdue
  9. Daunt
    To intimidate; to discourage or dishearten
  10. Indomitable
  11. Fortis
    • L
    • strong
  12. Forte
    • A person's strong point; the thing in which a person excels
    • In music, loudly; forcefully
  13. Fortitude
    Courage in enduring pain or trouble
  14. Khater
    • G
    • Leaf or papyrus, a writing
  15. Carte Blanche
    Unrestricted power to act at one's discretion; unconditional permission or authority
  16. Cartel
    • An orginization of firms in the same industry for the purpose of revulating production, pricing, and marketing of goods and decreasing competition by members
    • A coalition of political or speical-interest groups to achieve a common cause, bloc
  17. Cartographer
    A maker of maps of charts
  18. Pugno, Pugnare, Pugnavi, Punatum
    • L
    • To fight
  19. Pugilist
    A fistfighter, esp. a professional boxer
  20. Pugnacious
    Quarrelsome; eager for a fight
  21. Impugn
    To oppose or attack as false; to seek to discredit
  22. Cado, Cadere, Cecidi, Casum
    • L
    • to fall
  23. Cadence
    A rhythmic flow of sound, as in poetry or oratory, or of movement, as in marching or dancing
  24. Casuistry
    • The use of moral principles to reason out what is right or wrong in everyday situations (usually associated with a morality that emphasizes adherence to established laws)
    • Subtle bytmisleading or false application of reasoning; a quibbling or evasive way of making difficult desicions
  25. Decadent
    • Declining of decaying (applied to a condition, things, or people).
    • A person who is decaying metally or morally.
    • A member of a group of nineteenth-cent. French and English artists who were inspired by artificial and morbid things
  26. Occident
    The parts of the world that lie west of Asia, esp. the countries of Querope and the western hemisphere
  27. Recidivism
    A relapse into a former habit, esp. criminal or antisocial behaviour
  28. Cedo, Cedere, Cessi, Cessum
    • L
    • to move, to yield
  29. Cede
    To yield or surrender rights or possesions, usually ofiicially
  30. Accede
    • To consent; to agree
    • To take office; to become a ruler
  31. Concession
    • The act of granting or yielding
    • Permission by authority for special use, esp. the priviledge of setting up a business in a vertian place, or the place itself/
  32. Intercede
    • To act on another's behalf.
    • To mediate in a disput; to seek to reconcile differences
  33. Praeda
    • L
    • Spoils of war, plunder, booty
  34. Predatory
    • Preying on other animals
    • Plundering; esploiting or victimizing others
  35. Depredation
    Destruction; plunder
  36. Pungo, Pungere, Pupugi, Punctum
    • L
    • to prick. to puncture
  37. Punctilious
    Precise; scupulous; attentive to details, esp of etiquette
  38. Pungent
    Having a strong, biting taste or smell
  39. Compuction
    Uneasiness caused by guilt; remorse; scruples
  40. Expunge
    To omit; to delete; to obliterate.
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