English Unit 9 and 10 vocab

  1. acclamation
    a shout of welcome and overwhelming verbal vote of approval
  2. bucolic
    characteristic of the countryside rual relating to sheperds and cowherds, pastoral
  3. caluminate
    to slander
  4. chary
    extremely cautious
  5. collusion
    secret agreement of cooperation
  6. dilettante
    a dabbler in the arts, one who ingages in a amateurish way superficial
  7. imperturbable
    no easily excited
  8. increment
    an enlargement increase or addition
  9. mandate
    and authoritative command formal order or authorization to issue such and order
  10. paltry
  11. parzysm
    a sudden outburst
  12. pedantry
    a pretentious display of knowledge
  13. pregrination
    the act of traveling esp. on foot or to a different country
  14. redolent
    fragrant tending to create or arouse an aura
  15. refulgent
    shining radiant or resplendent
  16. shibboleth
    a word expression or custom
  17. tyro
    a novice
  18. unremitting
    not stopping never letting up
  19. vacillate
    to swing indecisively
  20. vituperative
    harshly abusive
  21. askance
    with suspicion distrust or disapproval
  22. attenuate
    to make thin or slender
  23. benign
    gentle kind or forgiving
  24. cabil
    to carp a trivial objection
  25. charlatan
    a pretender or imposter
  26. decimate
    to kill or destroy
  27. foible
    a weak point a failing
  28. forgo
    to do without
  29. fraught
    full or loaded with
  30. inure
    to toughen
  31. luminous
    emitting or reflection light
  32. obsequious
    marked by slavis attentiveness
  33. obtuse
  34. oscillate
    to swing back and forth in a steady rhythm
  35. penitent
  36. peremptory
    having the nature of a command that leaves no room for debate
  37. rebuff
    to snub
  38. reconnoiter
    to engage in recon
  39. shables
    a state of confusion
  40. sporadic
    occuring at irregular intervals
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