Online Quiz 15

  1. The Starbucks Corporation owns and operates thousands of stores in the United States. These stores are:
    Chain Stores
  2. McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's allow individuals and other groups to own and operate licensed restaurants. These stores are:
  3. A store that sells only children's books can best be described as a(n):
    Specialty Store
  4. ________ rewards customers who shop at a particular store on a repeated basis.
    Loyalty Marketing Programs
  5. Stores that dominate a narrow merchandise segment, such as electronics, are known as:
    Category Killer
  6. Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club are all examples of:
    Warehouse Membership Clubs
  7. Online shopping, vending machines and telephone sales are all examples of:
    Nonstore Retailing
  8. ________ is the use of the telephones to sell directly to consumers.
  9. Online retailing requires that consumers have access to:
    The internet
  10. ________ refers to the number of different products that a store offers.
  11. A local drugstore carries 23 different brands of aspirin and 42 different brands of moisturizer. This store has a high level of:
  12. During the holiday season, Toys R Us opened several Holiday Express stores, small temporary locations that can best be described as:
    Pop Up Shops
  13. ________ advertising provides information about store locations and hours.
  14. Elements that affect a store's atmosphere include:
    Merchandise density, fixtures, sounds, odors
  15. ________ allows consumers to buy products using their PDAs or mobile phones.
    M Commerce
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Online Quiz 15
Online Quiz 15