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  1. The ________ is the pipeline through which products, their ownership,
    communication, financing and payment, and risk flow to the consumer.
    Marketing Channel
  2. Which of the following would not be a part of General Motors' supply chain?
    Environmental Organizations
  3. General Motors does not have enough models of its electric hybrid Volt to fill customer orders. This situation is described by the term:
    Discrepancy of Quantity
  4. In addition to the Macintosh line of computers, Apple offers a wide range of necessary software and hardware accessories. This is an attempt to address:
    Discrepancy of Assortment
  5. The intermediaries that operate between manufacturers and retailers are known as:
    Merchant Wholesalers
  6. Realestate agents are examples of ________, intermediaries that facilitate the exchange of ownership between buyers and sellers.
    Agents and Brokers
  7. ________ functions include transportation, storage, accumulation and allocation of assets.
  8. ________ functions include contacting with prospective customers and highlighting various features of products.
  9. Dell is a computer manufacturer that also sells their products directly to consumers. This is an example of the ________ channel.
  10. Dell computers are available directly from the producer, or from retail outlets such as Best Buy. This is an example of:
    Dual Distribution
  11. An ice cream manufacturer decides to sell its products in all of the US's supermarket chains. This is an example of ________ distribution.
  12. Ford Motor Company decided that only one dealer in each region would be allowed to sell its supercar GT. This is an example of ________ distribution.
  13. The looses form of relationship among channel members is a(n):
    Arm's Length Relationship
  14. Firms that sell primarily to consumers are known as:
  15. Vertical conflict within a marketing channel occurs primarily between:
    Manufacturer and Retailer
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Online Quiz 13
Online Quiz 13