1. What are the functions of the Respiratory System?
    • 1. Provides for gas exchange- intake of O2 for delivery to body cells and removal of CO2 produced by body cells
    • 2. Helps regulate blood pH
    • 3. Contains receptors for the sense of smell; filters, warms, and moistens inspired are; produces sounds; and excretes some water and heat
  2. Trace the path of an O2 molecule through the respiratory tract.
    O2 comes into the body either through the nares then through the nasal cavity or through the mouth then through the oral cavity. Then both ways continue down the pharynx, then through the larynx , then through the trachea then through the bronchial tree (bronchi to bronchioles) then through the alveoli into the circulatory system.
  3. What are the two external openings on the outside of the nose called?
    External Nares
  4. What are the two internal openings within the nose that connects the nose to the throat?
    Internal Nares
  5. What are the functions of the Nasal Cavity?
    • 1. Filtering, warming, and moistening incoming air
    • 2. Detecting olfactory (smell) stimuli
    • 3. Modifying the vibrations of speech sounds
  6. Where is the Pharynx located?
    Starts at the internal nares and extends halfway down the neck; Also known as the throat.
  7. What are the functions of the Pharynx?
    • 1. Passage way for air and food
    • 2. Resonating chamber for speech sounds
    • 3. Houses the tonsils
  8. What are the functions of the Epiglottis?
    Piece of cartilage that prevents food or liquid from entering the larynx during swallowing
  9. What is the Larynx commonly known as? What does it connect?
    Voice box; Connects the Pharynx to the Trachea
  10. What is the function of the Trachea? Where is it located?
    Passageway for air; Located anterior to the esophagus
  11. What is the function of Pleura?
    Protective covering of the lungs
  12. What is the function of the Alveoli?
    Main site for gas exchange
  13. What is the function of the Ciliated Epithelium?
    Mucus that traps inhaled foreign particles
  14. What are the functions of Goblet Cells?
    Serves as lubrication in the throat.
  15. What is the function of Mucosa?
    • 1. Prevents cavities from drying out
    • 2. Traps particles
    • 3. Provides the epithelium with Oxygen and nutrients
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