Hair,Skin, Nails

  1. Skin colors can be
    • Pallor
    • Erythema
    • Jaundice
    • Cyanosis
  2. Measuring Edema
    Edema is fluid accumulating in the intercellular spaces; it is not present normally. To check for edema, imprint your thumbs firmly against the ankle malleolus or the tibia

    • +1
    • +2
    • +3
    • +4
  3. +1 edema
    Mild pitting, slight indentation, no perceptible swelling of the leg
  4. +2 Edema
    Moderate pitting, indentation subsides rapidly
  5. +3 edema
    Deep pitting, indentation remains for a short time, leg looks swollen
  6. +4 edema
    Very deep pitting, indentation lasts a long time, leg is very swollen
  7. Poor turgor is evident in
    is evident in severe dehydration or extreme weight loss; the pinched skin recedes slowly or “tents” and stands by itse
  8. normal nail curve
    160 degrees
  9. curved nail is
    160 degrees or less
  10. Early clubbing is
    180 degrees

    clubbing usually has to do with a respiratory condition
  11. Senile purpura
    minor trauma. can occur as easy as shaking hands; breakage of the capillaries
  12. Seborrheic kerotosis
    age/liver spots

    Supperficial growth of the skin, asborption of the skin cells
  13. Decreased functioning melanocytes causing
    hair to turn grey and thin
  14. Nails may appear thickened, yellow, and brittle because of
    decreased circulation in extremities.
  15. shingles runs along a
    nerve (dermatome) runs along the side of the body same as ckn pox in children
  16. self examination using the ABCDE method




    E—elevation and enlargement
  17. Dematitis
    •Irritation of the skin


    •Insect bite

  18. how to palpate frontal sinus
    (press up under bony brow, using thumb on each side of nose)
  19. how to palpate the maxillary sinus
    • (press up under zygomatic process, using
    • thumb)
  20. Dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing

    ◦Thickened liquids

    ◦Pureed foods


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