endocrine agents

  1. produces glucocorticoid hormones
    adrenal gland
  2. produces insulin
  3. produces thyroxine
    thyroid gland
  4. hormone which controls blood sugar
  5. hormones which control the metabolic rate
    T3 & T4
  6. hormones which influence the inflammatory response
  7. treatment for hypothyroidism
    thyroid hormone replacement
  8. used to treat hyperthyroidism
    antithyroid drugs
  9. used th reduce the size and vascularity of the thyroid gland
  10. s/s of hyperthyroidism
    nervousness, tachycardia, wt. loss
  11. s/s of hypothyroidism
    lethargy, bradycardia, facial edema
  12. s/e of glucocorticoid drugs
    hyperglycemia, hypokalemia, hypertension
  13. used to treat hyperglycemia secondary to type I & type II diabetes
    insulin therapy
  14. used to treat hyperglycemia secondary to type II diabetes
    oral hypoglycemic agents
  15. acts by stimulating the pancreas
  16. acts by decreasing glucose absorption from intestine
    metformin (glucophage)
  17. acts by decreasing insulin resistance
    rosiglitazone (avandia)
  18. s/s of hypoglycemia
    sweating, shaking, confusion
  19. s/s of hyperglycemia
    thirst, fruity breath, increased urination
  20. peak action time for regular insulin
    2 - 4 hours after administration
  21. peak action time for lispro insulin
    1/2 - 1 hour after administration
  22. action time for NPH insulin
    6- 12 hours after administration
  23. treatment for hypoglycemia
    rapid acting sugar (like orange juice)
  24. s/e of antithyroid agents
    blood dyscrasias
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