Antihypertensives Renal Agents

  1. category of drugs used to treat elevated blood pressure
  2. act to block beta 1 receptors and lowers vascular resistance
    beta blockers
  3. stimulate or block alpha receptors and decrease BP
    adrenergic blockers
  4. act by relaxing smooth muscles of the blood vessels
    direct acting vasodilators
  5. inhibit formation of angiotensin II to lower peripheral resistance
    ACE inhibitors
  6. act to block angiotension at receptor sites
    angiotension II receptor antagonists
  7. act by decreasing cardiac contractility and relaxing coronary arteries
    calcium channel blockers
  8. major s/e of antihypertensives
    hypotension, edema, impotence
  9. s/e of antihypertensive: minoxidil
    hair growth
  10. category of drugs used to treat fluid retention and hypertension
  11. acts on distal tubules to excrete Na, K, and water
    thiazide diuretics
  12. act on loop of Henle to inhibit transport of Na
    loop diuretics
  13. increase the osmolality in the renal tubules
    osmotic diuretics
  14. block the action of carbonic anhydrase to cause excretion of Na, K, and HCO3
    carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
  15. act on the distal collecting tubles to interfere with the Na-K pump
    potassium sparing diuretics
  16. s/e of potassiom sparing diuretics
  17. s/e of thiazide, loop, and osmotic diuretics
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